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Probiotics : As this mixture contains almost all the important nutrients which are necessary for a healthy diet, this mixture lacks in one of the most important ingredient known as probiotics but as we know every product has its flaws. All Day Energy Greens consists of all the important and healthy nutrients for our balanced diet. If we look at the ingredients of ADEG then ginger, suma root, grape seed extract and green tea extract can be categorized as the ingredients providing energy.
Depending on rest of your diet, ADEG can suppress your appetite while still providing you with extra energy during the day. They can detoxify the blood as well as colon due to the presence of condensed green foods in them. Therefore, this question has been asked repeatedly that does All Day Energy Greens really provide energy for the whole day.

However, the energy boost provided by it can be further increased by focusing more on the energy providing ingredients. As I have been using it so I can safely say that yes it helps with the energy levels during the day but when it is compared with the other products of the same nature then it cannot be said that All Day Energy Greens stand out. These ingredients provide the energy but they are present in less quantity as compared to other ingredients such as wheatgrass etc. This notion also applies to All Day Energy Greens as they are also included in greens powders. I have used multiple types of green powders during past few years and I cannot suggest that ADEG is better than all of the other green powders available in the market when it comes to providing energy for all day long.
This cannot be labeled as a matter of concern as the other greens powders also have these ingredients in lesser quantities as compared to the other ingredients they contain.

However, All Day Energy Greens is advertised as a product that provides energy for the whole day. Keeping this in mind, ADEG should contain more quantity of these energetic ingredients or other ingredients that are energy providers such as Camu or moringa.

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