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As with all green foods, spinach is rich in chlorophyll (see more about the health benefits of chlorophyll here), a potent alkaliser and blood builder. The best thing about cucumber is that they provide the base for practically every alkaline soup, smoothie and juice – giving you a very alkaline, very nutritious base that also tastes great.
Containing key antioxidants such as alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lutein, selenium and more – it is a powerful, alkaline, nutrient-dense superfood.
Celery, like cucumber is a favourite because it’s alkaline AND really high water content, so is used very frequently as a base in juices and soups (not so much smoothies as you have to juice it first…and then you have double the washing up). This really is giving you not only huge antioxidants, huge alkalinity, huge chlorophyll, huge detoxification nutrients – but if you want to go really mainstream – its giving you the recommended 5 Veg a Day before 9am! Please give it a try – have a fresh vegetable juice or smoothie every morning for a week and let me know the effect this has! I have actually got a really detailed list of all alkaline and acid foods available for a free download here (it also has a beginners guide to the alkaline diet in it). Those are definitely my favourite alkaline foods and those that I’ve chosen to include in my diet on an almost daily basis, and often several times per day. It is common knowledge that water is essential to life and good hydration is a key component to health. Even though evidence that diet can significantly change blood pH has not been established, there is evidence that urine pH is changed greatly by diet and that this change can contribute to overall health. Eating alkalizing foods such as vegetables and low sugar fruits as well as optimum hydration are key factors in balancing your body.
Alkaline water, or ionized water, is drinking water that has undergone the process of ionization in which the acid and alkaline content of the water is separated through electrolysis using its magnesium and calcium ions to change the neutrality of the water by giving it an electrical charge.
These benefits; however, are believed to be enhanced by the ionizing process of alkaline water.

A prospective study of dietary flavonoid intake and incidence of epithelial ovarian cancer. Cruciferous Vegetables and Human Cancer Risk: Epidemiologic Evidence and Mechanistic Basis. Cucumbers also contain the following alkaline minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, selenium, copper, manganese, iron and zinc. Modulation of carcinogen-metabolising cytochromes P450 in human liver by the chemopreventive phytochemical phenethyl isothiocyanate, a constituent of cruciferous vegetables. Water helps transport oxygen to the necessary areas of the body and it helps rid the body of unwanted toxins and wastes. It seems reasonable that adding alkaline into the body will balance the body’s pH; however, there is no evidence that diet can significantly change blood pH. Your body is 80% water; therefore, water is the most crucial factor to maintaining proper pH and the quality of water is just as important. Water also helps the body balance its pH, and alkaline water in particular, enhances this process.
So eating a diet rich in vegetables, as with an alkaline diet, can raise urine pH and lower the risk for kidney stones.” Researchers speculate that an alkaline diet might slow bone loss and muscle waste, increase growth hormone, make certain chronic diseases less likely, and ease low back pain. The water you drink should have a pH between 9 and 10; however this is not so with standard tap water or bottled water. Alkaline water has a pH of approximately 8, hence its properties are more alkaline than acidic.
It has a lower NMR, or nuclear magnetic resonance, meaning the water molecules are tighter and smaller in size creating less surface tension and easing absorption into the body.
Against medical advice, Jan 1, I started juicing and eating mostly veggies, some Ezekiel bread and cereal with berries.

High acidity may be a sign that the body is not disposing of waste properly, possibly due to dehydration, or eating a poor diet high in acidic foods with too much protein such as meat, without balancing that out with alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables.
Water that is alkaline, or ionized, is believed to prevent toxins and chemical substances from accumulating and creating destructive influences on cells and transport minerals and nutrients required for cell metabolism, and remove substances that damage cells more effectively than traditional water.
Alkaline water has a higher colloidal mineral content, meaning the minerals in the water such as calcium are bonded to an ion aiding in the assimilation of these minerals into the body.
According to the American Cancer Society, vegetarians who consequently maintain a more alkaline diet through the exemption of meat, have lower rates of cancer, specifically colon cancer.
Reversals of Age-Related Declines in Neuronal Signal Transduction, Cognitive, and Motor Behavioral Deficits with Blueberry, Spinach, or Strawberry Dietary Supplementation.
Kidney disorders, liver disorders, poor diet, malnutrition, obesity, anorexia, toxemia, diabetes, stomach ulcers, excessive ingestion of both niacin and vitamin C, and fever can all contribute to acidosis.
Water that is alkaline has a lower ORP, or oxidation reduction potential, a measurement of its oxygen reducing ability. Dietary approach to attenuate oxidative stress, hypertension, and inflammation in the cardiovascular system.
This means that alkaline water tends to reduce less oxygen than tap water and offers the body a higher oxygen content. With a higher ORP, there will be less oxygen in the water for these fish to gather and the opposite is true for lower ORP as less oxygen is being reduced.

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