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IN recent years, more people have been paying attention to their diet, with the realisation that many diseases stem from an unhealthy diet. Some follow age-old dietary habits passed down from generation to generation to prevent disease or slow down the ageing process, such as the use of medicinal herbs and spices. The danger is that a lot of information online does not give a complete picture of the alkaline diet. So, if you’ve heard a lot about the alkaline diet and would like to try it to improve your health, here is what you need to know.
The alkaline diet consists mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as green leafy vegetables, citruses, soy products, certain nuts, seaweed, mushrooms, grains and legumes. Common sense also tells you that the alkaline diet works simply because it is a generally healthy diet anyway. In the same way, a high-fibre diet, which is what the alkaline diet provides, can lower rates of colon cancer. Although most fruits are alkaline when eaten by themselves, some fruits can have an acidic effect when eaten together, such as oranges and bananas. Patients with kidney disease or medical conditions such as diabetes should also consult a doctor first before going on an alkaline diet or any sort of dietary plan as it might affect their blood sugar levels.
Also be wary of Internet sites claiming that their products, such as volcanic rock, crystal, alkaline water and others, can turn your food or drinks more alkaline, and help you lose weight or cure your arthritis, back pain, diabetes and other diseases. These are clearly marketing gimmicks as an alkaline diet is purely a dietary choice with lots of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Ultimately, an alkaline diet will help reduce free radicals that cause inflammation and provide long-term health.
The key to losing weight is losing all the bad habits that predispose to weight gain, not occasional dieting. Author Emma Deangela, the Alkaline Diet, launched the 2nd edition of her book and filled her website with alkaline dieting and healthy living tips. Renowned author Emma Deangela has released the 2nd edition of her alkaline diet book on TheAlkalineDiet.org.
In an article published on the alkaline diet website, Emma shares how following the alkaline diet principles can help to build up a stronger immune system and a healthy body.
To help people who want to lose weight, George Tee has also founded both master cleanse and detox diet websites that shares healthy and safe ways to detox your body, lose weight and staying healthy. Alkaline Food ChartA sample page from the alkaline diet book so the readers can find out more about which are alkaline foods and add more to their diets. The human body is made up of 70% water, comprised of a wide range of solutions, which are either acid or alkaline.

An imbalanced diet high in acidic-producing foods such as animal proteins, pasteurized dairy products, white sugar, caffeine, and processed foods puts pressure on the body’s regulating systems to maintain pH neutrality. Research shows that unless the body’s pH level is slightly alkaline, the body cannot heal itself.
The truth may be that your “healthy” diet is not so healthy, after all, but rather it’s filled with acidic foods like meat, sugar, white flour, tea, and dairy. Many staples of the American diet—processed foods, meat, dairy, eggs, fish, corn, peanuts, chocolate, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, wheat—are acidic. The body’s pH is measured on a scale of 1 (the most acid) to 14 (the most alkaline); neutral is 7. It may not be the easiest diet to follow, but if you can stick to it, you should start to notice results in a few weeks. Many people are also resorting to dietary controls to manage conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and others. Many websites refer to the alkaline diet in general, mainly to sell or promote their products or supplements.
When our diet is too acidic, the body reacts by neutralising the phosphate buffering system.
As such, the correct food combination needs to be taken into consideration when you want to embark on an alkaline diet. Different alternative health writers and practitioners are also invited to share and build a health and dieting community.
Together with George Tee and a team of health writers, Emma offers alkaline diet tips on her course and website to help the readers and visitors with after holiday health problems like weight gain, dieting and digestion problems. With the initial launch of the 1st edition of alkaline diet book, the website has attained one of the milestones in sharing with thousands of people about the alkaline diet. The extra buffering (neutralizing) required to process these foods can deplete the body of alkaline minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, making the person prone to chronic and degenerative disease. Eating too many of these foods and not enough alkaline ones—vegetables, tubers, olive oil, quinoa—can cause an acid imbalance in your body.
Alkaline foods balance acidic foods, but most of us don’t consume enough alkalizing choices or participate in activities to reduce acidosis, such as exercise and stress management. Alkaline foods contain more alkaline-forming minerals, like calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, and potassium, than acid-forming minerals, such as phosphorous, copper, and sulfur. Most experts agree that a 7-to-3 ratio of alkaline-to-acid foods is ideal for optimal health and well-being. Such foods, known as weak acidics, include tomatoes, whey, and citrus fruits, contain a fair amount of acid but may be metabolized as alkaline in the body.

Vegetables are the most alkalizing of all foods, so just by focusing on this food group, you’ll begin instantly to transform your pH. As 85% of the system comes from our calcium phosphate reserves, a high-acid diet depletes our calcium, weakening teeth and bones.
These alkaline principles helps readers to maintain a healthy lifestyle even if they encounter with junk, harmful and unhealthy foods that are irresistible. Hence, Emma and George has since released the 2nd edition of the alkaline diet in the start of 2010. Eating a diet rich in alkaline foods helps the body maintain the slightly alkaline balance it needs.
The alkaline or acidic nature of the inorganic compound formed determines whether the food is alkaline or acid-producing.
By skipping in the acidic coffee and bagel, you’re nourishing yourself first thing with alkaline-boosting foods that will set you up for more sustained energy throughout the day.
Not only do they provide clean protein, they also act as natural chelating agents, binders that assist our cells to help draw out heavy metal toxins from our system. Interestingly, I didn’t have to change a ton of things in my diet to establish more balance here. And that’s a problem, says Christopher Vasey, ND, author of The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health (Healing Arts Press, 2006).
Kale, for example, is alkaline-forming because it’s rich in calcium and magnesium, while sodas are acid-forming because they’re high in phosphorous. Even simple activities like brisk walks or jumping jacks increase respiration and oxygenate blood, helping the body become more alkaline. An alkaline-forming diet also boosts the oxygen levels in the blood, making it impossible for bacteria, viruses, yeasts and other pathogens to survive and thrive.
With each breath, your blood is actually alkalizing as you inhale oxygen and exhale out carbon dioxide.В  Use your neti pot daily to clean your sinuses, then with each breath you take focus on using your diaphragm to inhale deeply and exhale slowly with control.
However, inside the body, when lemon juice has been fully metabolized and its minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream, its effect is alkalizing and therefore raises the pH of the blood (pH above 7 is alkaline).
Long, slow exhales also shift your body out of the cortisol-producing sympathetic nervous system and into the parasympathetic nervous system, where our bodies rest, digest and heal. Therefore, the body continually strives to balance its pH.В  Diet is the easiest way to assist the body in this balance.

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