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Modern agriculture and food-preservation methods have done serious damage to the human diet.
Based on Eastern medicinal practices, The Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet advocates a sensible food-combination program in conjunction with herbal medicine therapies to balance the positively charged acidic particles in the body with the negatively charged particles. Organized by medical condition, this book makes it easy to quickly find the help and advice you need.
This book was very informative and helped me with many health issues I have been dealing with.
Green foods are the best, particularly the cucumber, which is probably one of the most alkalizing foods. With the AlkaViva UltraWater Filtration Technology you can have the cleanest, healthiest alkaline water possible from your tap!

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His mission is to widen understanding of the necessity for this balance based on a healthy lifestyle, nutritious food, nutritional supplementation and structured alkaline water.
Soaking them increases alkaline, decreases fat content, releases pesticides and makes the food easier to digest. To deal with the excess acid in the fluids and tissues, one has to begin a process of super-hydration by drinking pH alkaline water, or what I call “structured water” that has been altered to enhance certain benefits, such as alkalinity. It’s about the environment around the cells and the body’s ability to maintain an alkaline state, which is the preferred state.
The Acid-Alkaline Balance Diet explores this exciting new treatment in alternative medicine.

The solution is to help maintain the integrity of the body’s fluids through a process of alkalizing and hydration (alkaline water). If a person is in a stressful state, they do a lot better if they’re hydrating properly with alkaline water. Basil, cilantro and fenugreek are great herbs to add to your diet; they’re natural laxatives and can lower cholesterol.

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