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I happened to come a crossed glass wide mouth jars that can be placed on a 45 degree angle in a local dollar store, along with some cheese cloth. I rinse my Alfalfa sprouts 3 times a day, filling the jar half full with spring water and draining it out by tipping on end to drain in the sink for a few moments.
After 4 days of the easiest gardening to get healthy food to the plate, it was time to taste my Alfalfa so I pulled out a handful and ate it, great nutty favour. When we wrote about our favorite sprouts sandwich last week, wvlinz posted a comment on how to grow sprouts. Growing alfalfa sprouts at home is something that can make a huge difference in the nutrition level of your healthy eating plan. For people with arthritis or other inflammatory diseases (like lupus), eating alfalfa sprouts can make things worse.
After 6 hours of soaking I drain the jar, and double rinse the Alfalfa seeds with spring water. I repeat this for 4 days, but for the last ВЅ of the 4th day or when the sprouts are 1 ВЅ to 2 inches long I place the jar of Alfalfa sprouts next to a strong light source, to green up the Alfalfa. Top that off with being really easy, and it's hard to argue against everyone having alfalfa growing on their windowsills.

Growing them at home means that they're as fresh as possible, and have the maximum amount of nutrients.
Take a tablespoon or two of sprout seeds and put them in a mason jar or sprouter with about half a cup of filtered water. Make sure your sprouts have some air flow, so they shouldn't all be in one wet clump at the bottom of your jar. From the time you drain your sprouts until you finish eating them, rinse them at least twice a day. They'll keep growing as you take them out of the jar - and sometimes you need to make room for them if they overcrowd the jar. They tend to have better drainage, and might be a bit bigger, but the mason jars work just fine. Brandon Pillon takes us through how to create your own organic alfalfa sprouts in just four days!
Compared to buying some random sprouts from the store that robs you of the experience of learning how to grow and feed yourself, healthy organic food after a hard day at work or play. While waiting for the jars to sanitize, I cut squares out of cheese cloth, then rinse under water and squeeze dry.

Because when we were in kindergarten, she came and taught everyone how to grow their own sprouts in a jar. Put them in a cupboard, or some place dark and room temperature, for 2 days or until they sprout little white tails.
I have to say growing sprouts has been most rewarding; start some sprout seeds 3 to 4 days later you are eating organic nutrient packed food grown under your care.
They'll sprout faster in warmer weather, but they're also more prone to rotting so keep a closer eye on them in the summer. I choose to use spring water for my sprouts, you can use tap water, but for myself I like to use spring water. We bought our seeds at a health food store, which only sold one-pound bags, so we may need to find some neighbors who love sprouts, too.

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