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Alfalfa is an herbal plant that contains many medicinal qualities to ease arthritis pain and swelling.
In many regions around the world alfalfa tea has been used as a folk remedy to treat the stiffness and pain caused by arthritis. You can mix a suggested amount of alfalfa seeds with a salad, dip, juice or any other cooked food. One of the most commonly known parts of alfalfa plant is its sprouts which make a tasty addition to any meal.
Alfalfa sprouts are harmless if taken in moderate amount and daily dose of alfalfa sprouts virtually has no side effect.

The benefits of this miracle plant can also be found in easy to use alfalfa supplement pills. The plant alfalfa is rich in beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium which are responsible for bone health. Mix some dressing and enjoy a healthy alfalfa sprouts salad or use them as a garnish to benefit from the healthy advantages of the sprouts.
However, overdose of alfalfa can affect your estrogen level and cause other health issues so talk to your doctor before you start taking alfalfa. Pregnant and nursing woman should avoid any usage of alfalfa including, leaves, seeds and sprouts as it may raise their estrogen level and cause serious health problems for both mother and baby.

Consequently it can control the quantity of harmful acids which are responsible for triggering arthritis. If you are looking for an alfalfa supplement to treat your arthritis pain you have got choices.
Avoid using alfalfa powder supplement because they have higher percentage of amino acid which could trigger gout attacks.

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