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Sprouting seeds at home is a great way to give yourself access to healthy, tasty sprouts around the clock. Don’t just buy the kitchen crop sprouter, when you can get a great starter assortment of seeds, and the definitive booklet on sprouting: Sprouting for Health in the New Millenium for just a little more than the MSRP of the sprouter by itself! Sprouts can be eaten raw, have numerous health benefits, and add a nice, crisp texture to salads and other dishes.

Fortunately, it is very easy to make a seed sprouter at home, so you can be enjoying crisp home-grown sprouts in no time. Place the jar in a sunny location, and continue this rinsing routine once or twice a day until the sprouts appear. It is best to replace the cheesecloth every once in a while as you continue growing sprouts.

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