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All our seed is tested so when you buy from Aconbury you can be confident that the seed you receive will have good germination, is clean and safe for sprouting and is 100% organic. In our on-line shop you will find everything you need: seeds, compost, sprouting equipment, juicers etc.
All of our seed is tested so when you buy from Aconbury you can be confident that the seed you receive will have good germination, is clean and safe for sprouting and is 100% organic. Perhaps I should have waited to write this post until I have fully-grown broccoli sprouts, but I couldn’t wait to show you the status of this project! I am so mechanically un-inclined that I was a little nervous about screwing up the sprouter, but it really wasn’t that hard to figure out and the guide from Victorio was very helpful and easy to follow.
I moved them to a slightly lighter part of the kitchen to see if that helps along the process, although the directions say they shouldn’t be in direct sunlight.
I have been using a Victorio sprouter for 3 months for both alfalfa sprouts and it works wonderfully for small seeds, mainly alfalfa and broccoli.
My Victorio constantly outperforms my Easy Sprouter for small seeds when I use the techniques I describe above.
If I do it properly, my broccoli seed sprouting rates increase from 50-60 percent in an Easy Sprouter to 80 to 90 percent with a Victorio.

I am wondering is it normal to have white fuzzy hairs growing, this is day four and it looks kinda odd. My seeds after 6 days in the sprouter smelled so bad I through everything in the trash can.
Greger advises to use a Mason jar with a strainer lid to grow the sprouts, but I was sent this awesome sprouter by Victorio Kitchen Products to test. Using the sprouter, that simply means to pour more fresh water into the top tray and let it siphon down to the bottom reservoir (you will see how this works if you have your own. I also have aВ Carrie on Living Amazon affiliate storeВ where I list all of my favorite beauty items, kitchen devices, books, and other cool stuff that supports my lifestyle. I have been meaning to get a few more sprouters so I could start one every two days to keep up a fresh crop and have a variety ( I was thinking each of my kids could have one with their name).
I love the idea of getting kids involved with sprouting and letting them have their own jar! I didn’t want to invest in special trays until I know that I’ll continue growing sprouts, so I used a quart mason jar with a mesh screen lid and plastic ring to avoid rust. I love a veggie sandwich with about 3 inches of sprouts and I have put them in my green smootie too.

I got a set of three different size mesh screen lids and the plastic ring from The Sprout People, where I also purchased organic broccoli sprout seeds. The jars have worked well for me but I would like something with more circulation that takes up little space, like The Easy Sprouter at Sprout People. Thanks for the referral to Sprout People, I bookmarked that site for any future purchases, it looks really cool.
I had a reaction similar to yours when I saw actual sprouts growing, except I was like a kid back in preschool. It reminded me of growing something (possible pansies for Mother’s Day) in half-pint milk cartons.
It was so exciting when the plant emerged and now it’s exciting the see the little sprout ends poking out of the seeds.

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