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Managing your daily caloric intake includes counting calories from all food and beverages, including alcoholic drinks.
Alcoholic drinks are considered empty calories, as they contain only trace amount of vitamins and minerals. 50 percent of adults report they consume alcohol on a regular basis – this makes calorie awareness an important consideration.

The table below shows information about how many calories are in your favourite tipple and their food equivalents. Michigan State University Extension encourages everyone to track the number of calories in beverages they consume each day, including alcoholic drinks, to gauge if you are at or over your caloric limit for your body. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that if alcohol is consumed, women should only have one drink per day, and men should only consume two drinks per day.

Again be mindful of what alcoholic beverage you select and the calories you consume to stay within your daily caloric needs, and your efforts to maintain a healthy weight.

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