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In this installment of the adrenal fatigue series we are going to cover the second part of diet. Be sure to subscribe for adrenal fatigue updatesso you don’t miss any of the great posts that will be shared here. Now let’s get stuck into the topic of what has to go from our diet to in order to heal and restore energy. It probably comes as no surprise but poor diet in general is a complete stress on our adrenals not to mention everything else it puts stress on in our bodies. Poor dietary practices are hormone wreckers and the biggest culprits are sugar and sugar substitutes, refined carbohydrates, processed food and junk, trans fats, caffeine, pesticide and chemical laden foods and alcohol. There’s probably a few things on that list that you’re currently consuming, perhaps in too high a dosage, so if you suspect adrenal fatigue, now might be a good time to implement change.
One I know you may not want to give up but if you think you have problems with adrenals, it really has to go. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and when suffering from adrenal fatigue it’s something we often reach for in order to start the day, get through the day, and bump us up when we need it. When we have problems with our adrenals, we’ll often crave many of the foods above because we are looking for fast fuel and a lift to get us through the day.

This is not something I typically talk about but one thing I struggle with is Adrenal Fatigue. Most recently I’ve been reading, The Adrenal Reset Diet, and wanted to give it a try with my meal plan this week. This entry was posted in Miscellaneous, Nutrition and tagged adrenal fatigue, gluten free, meal plan, meal prep on February 24, 2015 by danielle.
The different stages of adrenal fatigue range from sub-optimal function to complete exhaustion.
Amari Thomsen is a Chicago-based registered dietitian, blogger and owner of Eat Chic Chicago.
About This BlogStone Soup is a guest blog written by members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The problem is that with adrenal problems cortisol is not functioning properly and often goes from lows to highs. But this is only having an adverse affect upon our cortisol highs and lows that will only perpetuate the issue, even one coffee is no good when trying to heal the adrenals.
If you’re having strong addictive behaviour toward sugar, processed foods high in carbohydrates, or caffeine, don’t overlook adrenal health as a possible cause.

Trying to heal adrenal (and thyroid) function while mothering 3 children under the age of six, none of whom are guaranteed to sleep all night, is TOUGH. Ever since recovering from my eating disorder, I’ve battled constant fatigue and am always looking for ways to pick up my energy a bit. Your brain perceives stress, and a chain reaction begins inside the body ultimately signaling your adrenal glands (tiny glands that sit on top of your kidneys) to produce a hormone called cortisol. While your cortisol levels will initially be high under lots of stress, as your adrenal glands become more fatigued, cortisol levels begin to dwindle because you run out of steam. A diet low in inflammatory foods such as sugar and refined carbohydrates is a good place to start. That means eating excess sugar puts additional load on the adrenals that we just don’t need.
The adrenal glands' ability to turn off cortisol production is broken because the stress never fully goes away.

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