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After trying several different types of face washes, cleansers, and other acne products without success, I decided to give Acne No More a try. Perhaps the first thing that you should know about acne no more is that it is not a cream or an ointment that will magically get rid of your acne. This method to curing acne is different than others as it does not involve simply rubbing some lotion on your face and hoping for the best. If you have been suffering from acne and are ready to commit to a system rather than a “cure all,” this is the right choice for you. This system is not easy and you will need to be dedicated to the lifestyle changes that are outlined in the book. Am Tommie by name, am a Nigerian, suffering from acne and I saw your post about Acne No More, that's why I decided to ask for your help! Well Kat my friend tells me he got a copy of the book and he can consult with Mike for 3 months!

I completely got rid of mine with the help of Mike rather than just following the book literally.
Instead, this is an eBook that is full of information about how to take a natural or holistic approach to getting rid of your acne. Instead, it provides you with a step by step guide to cleansing your entire body, which leads to your skin being healthier and your acne being healed. I think I was lucky as I asked him questions but most folks just don't thinking their doctors know more than Walden!
I have gone the usual route of trying to deal with these issues and stumbled across Mike Walden’s Acne No More by pure accident. While there has been research that shows salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and antibiotics can be used to cure acne, most people, including myself, like the idea of actually curing the causes of acne internally.
You have to be willing to commit fully to a lifestyle change as that is what this book really promotes.

I definitely recommend Acne No More to anyone that has suffered with acne and is ready to make a change.
So you can download and enjoy it anywhere of the world wherever internet and computer is available.
Please dear, I will be happy and grateful if you can help me to get a chance and read the book! Not sure if I need to buy this book at the moment, trying to watch my funds which are limited, but yes I’m very tired of different creams and crap. If acne no more works for pregnant women like me then I am ready to get the program right now.

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