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While the issue of grade mislabeling continues to plague the olive oil industry worldwide, actions taken in 2010 by the USDA finally raised the bar for domestic product to worldwide standards. In May 2012, the USDA followed up the publication of their new standards with a detailed voluntary program of compliance, a Grading Manual for Olive Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil. While the worldwide market recognizes the importance of modern-day standardization for grade definitions of olive oil, arriving at a comprehensive, international standard may become more confusing in the near future, before it becomes clearer.

Responding to pressure from within and outside the industry, the USDA published updated criteria for the country’s own classification system with the United States Standards for Grades of Olive Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil.
The IOOC has a United Nations charter to develop criteria for olive oil quality and purity standards.

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