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High alkaline water (pH 10) is good for cooking soup, meat and rice and for washing fruit and vegetables. Food flavor is fuller, tender and does not require as much seasoning when using alkaline water. Plant growth – Plants grow best in acidic environments and the small clusters of ionized water are easier to absorb. Diabetic skin ulcers are improved by soaking in acid ionized water to help soothe and cauterize the wound.

A mild acidic water (pH 5.5) is good for washibng toddlers and infants because it is gentle. During our stressful days, it is difficult to eat a truly alkaline diet to better our health. Since you become dehydrated with diarrhea, alkaline water, with 3 times the concentration of water molecules will help you hydrate and reduce discomfort. The ionized alkaline water by Aqua Vida will help offset the effects of eating acid forming foods.

Acid water helps with acne and blemishes as the small clusters can penetrate the skin pores easier.

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