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Well you can do the same test on yourself to easily find out about your acid – alkaline balance. If you think about acid rain you will know that it erodes and destroys the environment and the things it comes in contact with.
If you already have certain health conditions this acidity can increase inflammation and the degeneration of soft tissues and bone, which in turn causes further damage.
These are at the extremes of the acid-forming and alkaline-forming scales, so between the two there are degrees of each. If you can include in your diet 250 gms of raw green leafy vegetables per day – say a generous salad with both lunch and dinner – then you will be changing your diet to be much more alkaline. Thank you, it’s never enough to keep reading information on acidic and non-acidic foods. I had the exact same issue using natural toothpastes as did my daughter of 3 yrs of age at the time especiually as she suffers oesphageal acid reflux too:( We use tap water for toothbrushing but cook and drink Brita filtered water.
There is a very popular theory that most chronic diseases are caused by a build of excess acid in the body over time. In recent years it was made famous by Anthony Robbins who endorsed the work of Dr Robert Young who coined the phrase acid-alkaline balance and the alkaline diet, touting that a pure alkaline diet full of alkalising foods is the secret to a disease free life with an abundance of energy.
Many scientists and doctors believe this theory is unproven and not possible given the fact our blood pH (measure of acidity) hardly ever changes and that alkaline foods would become neutralized by the acid in our stomach. The ancient Indian system of healing called Ayurveda however backs up this theory and states than an over acidic condition is called an excess pita disorder (too much fire). In Ayurveda other lifestyle changes are just as important, from the use of healing herbs, exercise, breathing and meditation for regaining balance. There are also many doctors who support this theory, and also many thousands of anecdotal stories of people recovering from disease by following an alkaline lifestyle. I just feel the current understanding of the acid-alkaline balance is misunderstood, taught incorrectly, and taken beyond the level of rational thought.
Our body gets rid of this acid in the form of urea from the kidneys and carbon dioxide from the lungs. An acid is a substance that adds hydrogen (H+) to a solution, an alkali is a substance that removes hydrogen.
The blood has a protective buffer than quickly changes any alterations to its pH and maintains a balance. Excess energy production by stress, inefficient bodily functions, over consumption of food and drink and over stimulation will lead to excess acid and TOXIC BUILD UP. Anabolism on the other hand uses energy to construct components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids. This is much less efficient way of producing energy and leads to the production of lactic acid.
This causes the damage to DNA, cell death and mutations from the acid that leads to disease.
It is also this mechanism that practices such as yoga and acupuncture correct by balancing the chakras and energy points that control the current flow through our bodies. It clearly states in this ancient healing system that by having a balanced mind body and spirit is essential for the optimum flow of Prana, and when Prana becomes trapped or blocked from reaching your vital organs because you may have gone out of balance, is what leads to disease.

The kidneys do two jobs: they excrete excess acid into the urine and pump out ammonia (an alkali) into the blood. The combined force of the lungs and kidneys is what results in an overall slightly alkaline system.
Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamins and minerals from the food we eat mop up excess acid. This is why a diet rich in alkaline forming, antioxidants and vitamins is essential to maintain our pH balance. This can however take its toll eventually as we continue with our acidic lifestyles and grow older. If our kidneys and lungs cannot remove the excess acid alone and we are not getting enough of the right nutrients from food, the body has to find alternative ways to remove the acid. You correctly pointed out that many people do better by using methods to alkalize the body, but some people don’t. With our diets and lifestyle today the majority of people probably lean towards an acid body chemistry, so alkalizing would have very real benefits, and in more cases than not, would probably be the correct thing to do. Acidic foods (which often may create symptoms that mimic acid reflux) include refined sugar, chocolate, peanuts, wheat flour, white flour, beef, shell fish, cheese and dairy, processed foods, beer, and soft drinks.В  Basically the majority of the typical American diet! First and foremost, disease THRIVES in an acidic state and are less likely to live in an alkaline state. These minerals include sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium – your body is literally stripping itself of these minerals just to establish balance, neutralize the over-abundance of acid, and safely remove it from the body!
Decreased energy production leads to an inability of the body to repair damaged cells and detoxify heavy metals, and you become more susceptible to both chronic fatigue as well as an increased incidence of disease (cancer tumors thrive in an acidic environment). However if you’re already in the midst of experiencing acidosis, a corrective diet will consist of 80% alkaline foods until a better balance is achieved.  In addition to healthy eating consider adding a greens supplement as that will greatly improve your alkalinity. The menus in my nutrition programs provide you with a clean nutrition plan that absolutely focuses on establishing the right balance. Some examples of alkaline forming fruits are lemons, oranges, cherries, dates, figs, nectarines, pears, watermelon, apples, bananas, and avocados.
Some examples of alkaline forming vegetables are jicama, kale, sweet potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, bell peppers, beets, eggplant, cucumber, lettuces, mushrooms, squashes (including pumpkin), greens, and most herbs and spices. Instead of heavy condiments and sauces, use alkaline options such as ginger and garlic in your cooking! Instead of frozen vegetables (more acidic), get to the grocery store or your local farmers market for fresh, organic options!
Lemon, limes and grapefruit are alkaline in the body because they contain lots of sodium and potassium bicarbonate and very little sugar. In order to do this your body has to eliminate the by-products of the normal processes of respiration, digestion and energy production, which are all acid.
He was talking about seawater but in our world the quality of the water you drink and the quantity are vital to maintaining alkalinity through correct hydration, efficient elimination and mineral uptake.
Two litres of a good quality spring water or filtered water to which you can add alkaline mineral granules, or Lemon and Himalayan SaltВ  is a good recommendation for daily consumption. I’ll get our naturopath to respond to your question about getting the alkaline mineral granules.

Our body also has this intricate system known as the acid-alkaline balance, without which life would cease to exist. As a result of acidosis, you may start to experience a build-up of acid in the cells, which then decreases energy production in those cells. Eliminate anything out of a can or a box, including most of the options in the freezer aisle.  Do that, and you’ll be eliminating a lot of acidic forming foods from your diet.
Of course we all know that junk food and processed food is a big no-no, but it’s also important to recognize that the balance you establish internally plays a direct role in basic metabolic processes – I’m talking hair and skin and nails and basic bodily functions people!
I like knowing which foods are acidic (there are a million lists online, some better than others), and therefore knowing that I need to make a concerted effort to make sure I eat alkaline-producing options alongside them.  Take the time to make this knowledge a priority, and your body will certainly thank you for it, especially in the long run! It’s a lesson in pH, and how important the pH of your food is to maintaining a balanced system and a healthy diet.
The body becomes too acidic and as a result, is forced to utilize its own alkaline mineral resources to maintain livable pH levels.
We need to focus on maintaining a proper balance, and to do that, it’s suggested that at least 60% of your diet be of alkaline-producing foods.
Research shows that unless the body’s pH level is slightly alkaline, the body cannot heal itself. If your body’s pH is not balanced, you cannot effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals and food supplements. The body will try to compensate for acidic pH by using alkaline minerals such as calcium from your bones to neutalise the acids.
If the diet does not contain enough minerals to compensate, a build up of acids in the cells will occur.How to Test your pHPurchase a pH meter from any pet store or aquarium suppliers.
Unless this occurs, the body has alkaline mineral deficiencies (mainly Calcium and Magnesium) and will not assimilate food very well. The urine reveals the alkaline building (anabolic) and acid tearing down (catabolic) cycles. Most alkaline supplements on the market usually contain the bicarbonate salts of alkaline minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. The bicarbonate being quite reactive is supposed to neutralise any acids while the alkaline minerals also help. The problem with these is that the bicarbonate part will react with any acid (HCl) in the gut to neutralise it which as a result will form the chloride salts of these minerals, carbon dioxide and water.
The chloride salts of these minerals produced in the gut by reacting with the acids are poorly absorbed, except for possibly potassium chloride, so their ability to reduce systemic acidity has been greatly impaired. Once absorbed there are enzymes which convert the citrate into bicarbonate thus producing the active neutralising agent in circulation allowing it to reduce systemic acidity without affecting the acidity of your gut.
The high absorption rate also ensures that the alkaline minerals themselves are absorbed and thus also able to assist reducing systemic acidity, not to mention their other vital roles in the body. Ideally 80% of your diet should consist of alkaline forming foods and the remainding 20% acidic foods.

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