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Garden Greens’ AcaiCleanse helps you flush away the stored fat, toxins, and excess water to give you a renewed feeling.
Acai Berry Select claims to boost metabolic rate and detoxify the body due to its acai berry and green tea extract ingredients. Below we have reviewed Acai Berry Select against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.
Acai berry Select is claimed to be a metabolism booster and health-boosting agent, by virtue of three active agents, two of which have had multiple studies indicating health-related effects. Acai Berry Select is claimed to contain ‘eight grams of protein’ per hundred grams of fruit, which the manufacturer claims can help build muscle while the consumer burns fat.
Acai Berry Select is claimed to contain acai berry extract, chromium, and green tea extract. Acai berries have been claimed to induce a number of weight loss related effects, including increased metabolic rate and decreased appetite, depending on the supplement and manufacturer.
Acai Berry Select’s claimed ingredients are all natural, and few side-effects are associated with their consumption, though chromium can be dangerous in high concentrations. A second study, from 2015 again, saw hurdlers between 15 and 20 years old take an acai supplement once a day for six weeks, with 100 millilitres of an acai juice-blend. A paper from 2013 examined epigallocatechin gallate’s use in treating high-fat diet induced endothelial dysfunction (blood vessel problems). Acai berries were tested for toxicity in a 2010 study where 220 animals were compared for evidence of physiological distress under the influence of various dosages of acai. A study from 2010 supported this finding; thirty-six infant male rats were fed a standard chow diet with varying concentrations of chromium, having been split into six groups. Acai Berry Select does not have obvious usage instructions, though whether these come with the product is unknown. Acai Berry Select contains green tea extract, which has been shown in a few clinical trials to have weight loss benefits, and so the supplement may be able to induce weight loss if taken in high concentrations. This 48-hour Berry Detox Liquid contains a sophisticated blend of antioxidant-rich Acai Berry, traditional Lemon, Maple, and Cayenne to cleanse, detoxify, and recharge your body’s metabolism.
Acai berries and green tea extract have attracted significant media attention for their claimed weight loss benefits; however, only green tea extract has any evidence in its favour. Clinical studies are usually regarded to be the most reliable evidence for determining the efficacy of a product, since other factors which could influence the outcome- for diet supplements, the environment and lifestyle of the user- are monitored to avoid possible confusion.

At the beginning, and at the end of the six weeks, the hurdlers conducted a 300 metre sprint test; blood samples were taken before, directly afterwards and an hour afterwards. Male mice were split into four groups, fed either a standard or a high fat diet, and with or without supplementation with epigallocatechin gallate. The study commented that after a decade of chromium tests in humans, no dangerous effects had been observed, and no other physiological effects were reported. However, the other active ingredients- acai berries and chromium- do not have known weight loss benefits, meaning the claims made by the manufacturer about their effects are misleading.
If you want to lose some weight, Garden Greens’ AcaiCleanse helps you flush away the stored fat, toxins, and excess water to give you a renewed feeling. Acai Berry Select is claimed to ‘provide enough energy throughout the weight-loss process’, preventing the body’s metabolic rate from dramatically slowing, thus making weight loss easier. The supposed health benefits of acai include anti-oxidant activity, due to its extremely high concentration of polyphenols; in tests with one of the most aggressive radicals, superoxide (peroxyl), acai was found to have the highest anti-oxidant activity of any fruit, along with milder activity against several other radicals.
Furthermore, the anti-oxidants in acai berries have been shown to directly enter cells, making them very effective.
The Acai berry fruit is predominately made up of slow-digesting carbohydrates, a very high concentration of fat and (relative to other fruit) high concentration of protein. No clinical studies of Acai Berry Select appear to exist, but clinical studies of each of its active ingredients have been analysed below; only green tea extract has shown significant weight loss benefits.
A 2015 study saw fourteen adult athletes perform three fitness tests at up to 90% of their maximum oxygen intake, indicating high stress levels; the test was designed to elevate markers associated with high cardiovascular and muscular distress in the blood. Mice fed a high fat diet with EGCG supplementation developed less insulin resistance and gained less body weight.
Though case studies exist to suggest that acai berries may have caused harm in specific incidents, the bulk of research suggesting the toxicity of this ingredient is negligible and that it may be safe all apart from when consumed in exceptionally high dosages. The review also concluded that taking green tea extract on an empty stomach was more likely to lead to adverse effects than after eating, suggesting taking Acai Berry Select after meals may help reduce the risk of side-effects.
Just mix the AcaiCleanse concentrate in water or to your favorite juice, and see yourself become slimmer and filled with more energy.
Acai Berry Select is also only available through the manufacturer, and there are no user reviews, making it difficult to assess the safety of the product. The high vitamin content of acai berries is claimed to reduce the levels of cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins.

Additionally, acai is rich in polyphenols, chemicals with antioxidant capability, and also contains a high level of dietary fibre.
The athletes had been given an acai berry drink before they began exercising, or a placebo. No changes in blood parameters, organ weights, urine output, or overall pathology were observed that were linked to the acai consumption; three animals died, but this was attributed to the manner in which the acai was administered, and not due to the acai itself.
The type of chromium was influential; chromium picolinate was much less active than chromium choloride, though which is present in Acai Berry Select is unknown.
However, the dosage of caffeine in Acai Berry Select is likely significantly lower than this.
Whilst a healthy body is important for weight loss, as stated before, there is currently no evidence to support a correlation between acai consumption and reduced body-weight. Blood was then collected before the test and after exercising; additionally, the time until exhaustion and perceived exertion were measured for each athlete.
This study suggests that the benefit the athletes in the first study observed was due to the higher glucose levels, but suggests that acai berries have significant health benefits. The researchers concluded that acai berries were safe, at least in rats, at dosages up to and including 40 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. In terms of usage, Acai Berry Select contains caffeine, which is dangerous in high dosages. The results demonstrated an increase in time until exhaustion in the acai berry group (an average of 69 seconds), with attenuated metabolic stress and reduced exertion; cardiovascular response was also demonstrated to increase.
Customers sensitive to caffeine are advised to begin with a small dose of the supplement to test for side-effects before committing to a full course. However, the benefit may be associated with all sports drinks before exercising, and not exclusively acai.

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