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Specific processes must be in place during manufacturing to maintain the integrity of Acai Berry supplements and to gain the benefits listed here.
As your Acai Berry Watch Dog, we hold suppliers to the highest standards and have evenВ blacklisted suppliers we found to provide lower quality products or misleading information.
They are absolutely packed with antioxidants, minerals & vitamins because the Amazon sun bears down on them throughout the long 12 hour days and in order to survive they have to carry a massive amount of nutrients other plants can simply get away without! In order to take full advantage of this fruits amazing health benefits, it is important to only select 100% pure Acai Berry which is free from unnatural additivesВ and poor harvesting and packaging processes. The Acai Berry features a full arsenal of natural vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and dietary fibers and heavy concentrations of B1, B2 , B3, C and E (promoting the physical condition of the nervous system, skin, hair, and liver as well as the production of red blood cells).
If you are serious about quick and natural weight loss without risky stimulants and synthetic products, there is no better way to supplement your diet than the Acai Berry!

Because some suppliers want to save on costs and to process correctly is more time consuming and costly, it is pretty common for shortcuts to be taken which may result in you getting an inferior product if you do not know where to buy quality Acai. In fact most companies will include the seeds and try to sell that to you as a benefit but the truth is there is NO nutritional quality in the Acai seed; all of the nutrition is contained in the pulp!
Amazon Thunder - This is by far our favorite and the most pure Brazilian Acai powder, capsules and juice on the market! Plus this is a company that truly cares and practices renewable harvesting so they not only deliver the best Acai on the market but they also keep the rainforest growing strong and support the local tribal communities. I also think the Amazon Thunder Pulp Puree is by far the best Acai Berry Juice I’ve had. This is a fantastic article to understand the mechanism of antioxidants and role of acai berry as well.The previous link is also very helpful.

It is harvested in the Amazon rainforest by the Caboclo people and is the key ingredient in their physical and economic health.
Just 100% natural organic Acai Berry that is timed harvested and rapid freeze dried to ensure it’s the most powerful anti-oxidant, free radical fighting supplement available.
You are right though, I have found some acai prodcuts just don’t do anything so you do have to be careful what you buy.

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