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Acai berries have gained immense popularity as one of nature’s most potent super fruits. Those with pollen allergies to other foods and products may also have an allergic reaction to acai berry.
Anyone should keep an eye out for allergic side effects, but this is particularly true of people who already suffer from various allergies. Because of this, there is a word of caution about taking other antioxidants along with acai berry in its various forms. Nursing mothers should not consume acai berries or their supplements until they cease nursing Everything a mother consumes gets into her milk, thus is transmitted to her baby.

If you notice troubling side effects not listed here, you should still consult with a doctor.
So, it would make sense to only use acai berries as directed, and watch for any other potential side effects.
These healthy fatty acids are the same oils that are found in olive oil.Among the vitamins, the Carotenoids or Vitamin A is quite abundant in the Acai berry.
For example 100 grams of freeze dried acai pulp contains 1002 IU of Vitamin A which fulfills approx.
While this research has only been shown in a cell culture model, it is likely that it will have the same effect on human beings.

In case of juice, pulp or any dietary supplement do take notice of the proposed serving and also try to not eat more than is proposed.
Markets are flooded with acai berry pills, acai berry powder, acai berry tablets and various other dietary supplements. Instead of acai supplement, it is preferable to consume raw, juice, pulp or puree form of Acai Berry.Sharing is Caring !

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