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Recent CommentsToptrad on Number of people on carb counting dietsSeopres on Complete fitness guide health loss revised updated walking weight. Hopefully when people do their research online about Oprah and acai berry this post will pop up in search engines and inform them to run the other way from all of the paid advertisements that get shoved in front of their face. Neither Oprah, Racahel Ray, nor any of the people cited on these websites endorsed that particular acai berry product or company.
This Oprah-acai berry scam is absolutely designed to capitalize on the timeliness of these supposed Hollywood endorsements (all they said was that the berry itself had anti-oxidant qualities) and prey on people who do not know everything they need to know to look for in an Internet scam.
Please, if you have been caught in this web of acai berry deceit, leave a comment and feel free to leave links to the sites that tried to or succeeded in sucking you in.

Everyone should RUN, not walk, away from anything that ever claims to be endorsed by Oprah- regardless whether she actually endorses it or not.
When I went back into the site to see how I could have missed it, I noticed that in very tiny print they tell you that Oprah and Dr.Oz are not affliliated with their product. They have an array of all-natural acai berry products that will at the very least not harm you.
I tried it again JUST TO MAKE SURE it was the Acai berry a few weeks later and had the same result. After receiving a second bottle of natures cleanse I called to cancel future deliveries and charges, and by the way ,I ordered both from one company, acai gave me directions on returning the unused bottle, but only because, they said that they were unable to charge my account.

If you got caught up in the acai scam, it’s no wonder with the kind of uninformed backwoods thinking you are displaying with that asinine remark.

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