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There needs to be a balance of healthy eating and a steady workout program in order to keep the body fully healthy and in tip top shape. IMHO, arguing over carbs vs fats is one of the finer points of nutrition… most people (none commenting here, probably) are currently failing Remedial Eating Healthy.
I tend to eat a diet that is really heavy on the fruits and veggies and nuts, lots of lean protein, and a moderate amount of whole grains. Diet-blog said: * 58% realized foods high in fat and sugar should only be eaten occasionally.

Animal fats are not only one of the most healthful foods that one can eat, but it is also what made us evolve into humans, and is therefore necessary to sustain the development of our ancestors. The USDA recommends at least six one-ounce servings of grains to maintain a healthy diet, if you are an average person consuming 2,000 calories per day.
Around 6 million years ago, the theory is that our ancestors diet at that time would have been pretty similar to a modern day chimp. But when I changed my diet and started running more and excercising more on top of that, I got into very very great shape and have been ever since.

As long as the carbs are healthy, eating these foods to improve mood, focus and even decrease pain (which serotonin also does) is natural. Take for example this recent episode of Spices of Life about healthy foods in the lunchbox at school.

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