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Join the 1000's of raw foodies who are taking back their control and conquering cooked food in 2010 with "The Raw Food Challenge"!
We've spoken to thousands of people who are all in different stages of their raw food journey - some starting, some in the middle, some ending. You sometimes (or all the time) give in to monster cravings for cooked foods, sweets or salty snacks. You have a hard time eating raw foods around your family because of pressure and guilt, so you end up binging for weeks on unhealthy foods after holidays and family events.
You sometimes feel like you don't have enough energy or not being able to get out of bed, even though the raw food diet is supposed to be the healthiest diet on the planet. You have acne or other skin and allergy issues when most people say the raw food diet should be able to clear all this up. There a hundreds of other issues as well, but regardless, it seems to me like the information about raw foods that we're getting may not be helping us at all. Over the last 2 years, I've interviewed over 200 experts in the field of health and nutrition - dozens in the field of raw food. I've written 4 books on natural health and have spoken to thousands of people in over 50 cities about how to use the raw food diet to improve their health. I'm an avid learner and wanted to know for myself, why most people don't stick to a raw food diet (myself included!). While cooked foods can be addictive because of emotional issues and physiological issues (mainly sugar and salt), it's not the only reason why we crave and want cooked foods.
So in order to success on a raw food diet - or let's face it, any diet - you need to be chemically in balance. There's a constant battle in the raw food world about whether calories are important or not. If you do get the right calories, it's easier to resist heavy cooked foods when you're around other people and much easier to stick to your raw food diet. It takes you through 3 days of cleansing and 4 days of rebooting your body's systems in a way that has the right sources of calories and that is gentle, yet extremely effective. We've worked hard to create something that would eliminate the raw foods that are most clogging on the system and provide you with meals and recipes that taste great and are super-easy to digest.
The Raw Food Challenge ebook is engineered for you to succeed with a complete menu plan and shopping list for 7 days.
This is a simple 7 day program (ebook) that includes recipes for all your meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In this ebook, I'll show you exactly what you need to do during these 7 days to detoxify and rebuild your systems so you will succeed long-term with the raw food diet.
We've also excluded many types of raw foods that can hinder or slow the detoxification process. We've even given you options in case you are sensitive to different foods or you have a busy work schedule. One of the biggest issues people have when trying to stick to the raw food diet is that they don't have time to prepare the complicated meals. The way we've worked it out, you should spend no more than 15-20 minutes TOTAL a day preparing your food. And if you don't, chances are you're really struggling with your diet, eating out at restaurants or eating out of boxes and bags way too often. What's even better is that just 7 days can reset and reboot your raw food journey for a lifetime! Raw food isn't a diet to you it's a lifestyle that you want to maintain until you're 120 years old. Just taking a simple 7 day cleanse like this can completely change the trajectory of your life.
Imagine how easy your raw food diet will be in 2 or 3 or 5 years from now, when you've finally figured it all out. This challenge is incredibly motivating and offers wonderful raw food recipes for those of us just getting our feet wet. You can start the raw food challenge on your own, or let us guide you through it (With 1000's of other raw foodies just like you)!
And I don't know if you know or not, there are 1000's of people who are struggling with their raw food diet. You'll also be joined by 1000's of other raw foodies (and non-raw foodies) who are just like you, so you'll feel right at home and supported. During these two specific weeks in May and June, we will host 4 telecalls to help you along your journey where we'll address your specific questions about the Challenge. During this first call our Raw Food Support Coach Lisa Miller and I will take you through all the steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the Raw Food Challenge. When you order the Raw Food Challenge e-book today, you will receive exact details about how to be on these calls and how to ask your questions. We've set up two coaching sessions because we understand some people won't be able to start in May.В  So if you aren't able to, you can begin the Challenge with us in June, or just start on your own!

Truth is, the program is different because it has considered many of the mistakes and myths in the raw food world and looked at what people who are doing the raw food diet long term use to succeed. The way The Raw Food Challenge works is by swapping out nutrient poor calories with calories that are rich in nutrients.
So I want to take the risk off of you and give you a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.В  If you try the program and find it doesn't work, I'll gladly refund your entire purchase.
If you were to hire one of the top raw food experts to plan out your meals, your grocery lists, and guide you through a program like this for 7 days, you would pay at least $1000 (probably more). Plus, you'll get all the great support that myself and my team will be giving you throughout the 7 days in May or June, if you decide to start with the thousands of people who have committed to doing the Challenge. In just 7 days, you can be on your way to amazing new energy levels and success with the raw food diet.. What will get you the results is purchasing the challenge and the coaching pass for only $29.95 now and joining us in either May or June (or BOTH!). Your Raw Food Challenge e-Book will be delivered to you instantly and you'll get the call access information for the May and June calls.
The entire 96 page "The Raw Food Challenge ebook, complete with instructions to guide me through the challenge! My Raw Food Challenge Coaching Pass which grants me access to "The Raw Food Challenge" LIVE Coaching Calls in May, June or BOTH! Basically, by doing this, you will get out of your own way (sabotaging your results with foods you think may be healthy) and let your body do all the work it needs to do to clean up and naturally balance your systems.
I look at grocery shopping as an entirely different experience now, and have cut out a lot of what I thought were healthy (yet still heavily processed) foods. I LOVED all of the smoothies and have continued drinking them for breakfast, but the first leg of the challenge with so much liquid was tough on me - I had to incorporate some raw, but "real" foods! During this call, Lisa and I will take you through the steps that it takes to keep on a healthy raw food path to continue getting the results that you want. I've experimented with raw treats and found that they satisfy me better than anything artificially sweetened.
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