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I started the day off with Cajun salmon and stir fried vegetables and was REALLY excited about it. I picked this diet because even though I was restricted to certain kinds of foods, I could eat as much of them as I wanted. On the site where I initially found it, on days 5 and 6, it says I can eat all the protein and veggies I want. I had a speaking gig that day and didn’t get a chance to eat again until I got home around 3.

I hate diets & never end up losing on them, cuz all I do is think about the no-nos then binge. I think I’d also enjoy this diet closer to summer when more fruits I enjoy are in season (and on sale!).
On banana and milk day I had three shakes that were half milk and forgot Lactaid EVERY SINGLE TIME and didn’t have a problem. On Day 4, I whipped out the short ribs I’d bought, made a dry rub and let the rub get all up in the meat overnight.

At that point, I wasn’t ready to reveal what I was undertaking, so I just had to state all day that today was FRUIT ONLY day. And my7daydiet has so many text ads and various font sizes and colors on it that I somehow missed that I was allowed to have this soup every day.

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