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In conclustion, I should note that even though there are very few HCG Diet Dangers, you should be careful who you start the HCG Diet Protocol with.
After all, any diet that requires the dieter to eat 500 calories per day, take HCG Injections, and promises 30 lbs of weight loss in a month is bound to catch some oppinions. Simeons designed the diet with 500 calories over 50 years ago, very few providers offer anything lower than 800 calories per day. Regardless of how you do it, the point is to eat less calories than the body burns, and allow the body to get the rest of the calories from fat.

The truth of the matter is that there are Doctors that support the diet, and others that don't. When fat stores are gone, then yes, each individual should then resume eating a maintenance level of calories. Educating yourself of the HCG Diet dangers is important, but you should know the whole story. For most individuals who have weight to lose, a calorie large calorie deficit is perfectly safe.

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