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Bodybuilders and other athletes often eat certain foods ,not because they taste good, but because the nutritional value they have.Here is a list of 5 healthy foods that have anabolic benefits to the body. These healthy foods will help you improve your sport performance, burn fat or build muscle. We’ve heard a lot of advice out there about healthy foods for women who are pregnant, or are dieting or have other special restrictions of age. Besides, having a generous content of Vitamin B12, riboflavin, protein and calcium, yogurt also contains healthy bacteria which are great for your health.

Salmon is one of the top foods when it comes to considering the nutritional value and health benefits that it can provide women.
Find out these 5 healthy foods for women which will go a long way in giving your health a natural boost. These healthy bacteria promote a healthy digestive system which is great for women who have a weak gut.
Vitamin D, proteins, calcium, iron, omega-3 oils and much more make it an extremely healthy food for women who are on the run.

Salmon is also known as a great recovery food for women, and most importantly, is low in cholesterol.

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