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These cards are wonderful inspiration for teen going through all the trials of peer pressure and discovering who they are and what they want. This breakthrough book demonstrates how parents and teachers can join forces to inspire kids to be self-directed, self-disciplined, and responsive to the wonders of learning.
The theory of this book is that your blood type–O, A, B, or AB is a more reliable measure of your identity than race, culture or geography and that as a guidepost for eating and living, you can be healthier and maintain ideal weight. With the help of the enclosed guidebook, you'll learn how to give "angel readings" for yourself and your loved ones.
Don't pass up the opportunity to snuggle up for an afternoon with her work and let her inspire you for the rest of your life. Tolle has synthesized the teachings of masters such as Jesus and Buddha into an easily accessible guide to achieving spiritual consciousness and making a strong case that the inability of humans to free themselves from dominance by the mind and live in the present is the root cause for misery in the world.

The book is very detailed and gives specific information on beneficial foods, neutral foods and foods to avoid for each blood type. He makes enlightenment seem attainable and necessary for both individual peace and the health of the planet. Through anecdotes and examples from her professional and personal experience, she discusses ways to break this vicious cycle and learn to relate on a higher level of consciousness characterized by love and forgiveness.
It could be a conversation "in your head," or on paper, or with My responses taking just a little more time and reaching you in the form of the next song you hear, or the next movie you see, or the next lecture you attend, or the next magazine article you read, or the chance utterance of a friend whom you "just happen" to run into on the street. Kingma believes that this deeper type of love, which she calls "soul love" is more possible now than ever before, and in The Future Of Love she explains how we can make it a reality in our own lives. Eat For Your Type will help you design a total health program that's right for your blood type.

This is a format to suggest a new way of creating in out families and to look at ourselves after divorce still seeing our families in a positive light.
These subjects describe movingly what has happened to them between their former reincarnations on earth.

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