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I’ve had the chance over the last month or so to try out quite a few of the recipes, and one time I even dared to attempt an entire menu in the 30 minute time-scale. I set my alarm for 30 minutes and set to work like a hyperactive child, working like a bat out of hell to try get everything done in the 30 minute time frame.
What I’ve done since that first foray into 30 Minute Kitchen Drama is either follow the recipes as they are with no time limit or pick a few things from the meals to cook on their own. I loved the butter bean dish so much that I made it again for our Sunday lunch, exchanging the bacon in the original recipe for chorizo which works super well with this dish.

There are a few of the 30 Minute Meal recipes in full onВ Jamie’s website for you to try out.
The only one of the 30 minute recipes that I’ve done (so far) is the Prawn Red Curry which was superb. The jerky chicken meal was actually pretty easy but unless you have all your ingredients out and ready for use there is no way of doing it in 30 minutes. By submitting this form you consent to receiving news and updates from businesses in the Jamie Oliver Group of companies and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

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