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I’m aware this is only a start and still got to work on those enormous thighs and tone the rest of my body.
This is my 4 week progression pictures, with a 1200 calorie diet and doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.
I suffer from chronic anxiety and occasional depression, which has had a lot to do with my weight. My name is Jessica, I’m twenty three years old, and it’s very nice to meet you!
My life consists of billions of emails, exercising, taking care of my 12-month old niece, church, school, sore muscles, being a wife, and lots of chocolate.

After my parents divorce was finalized I turned to food in order to cope with the separation, moving to a faraway city, and my Mom’s new marriage. I have gained about 5 lbs from holiday junking but gonna get back in there and eat well and work out! Unfortunately, I began to hate myself and my appearance again, slipping back into unhealthy habits. I finally realized what I was able to do and since then I tried and pushed harder and harder each day.
That’s the moment I realized how far my body could go, how far could I MAKE my body go as long as I wanted it and told my brain to keep on going.

I dropped out of college because I couldn’t concentrate and I lost my friends because I never wanted to go out in public. So, I did some soul searching back in August (2012) and chose to love my body and myself instead.
I’ve enrolled back into school, changed my eating habits and have started to truly love myself, my body, and who I am again.

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