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Follow this quick and healthy cleanse plan to get your body in tip-top shape for the summer.
By removing artificial flavors and chemical substances from your diet, you’re helping prepare your body to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle. Take the Oz-approved 3-Day Detox Cleanse today and get started down the path to a healthier you. I've always been curious about cleanses but felt that committing to five, seven or 10 days of pre-determined juices or meals was too much. The cleanse was posted by Women's Health magazine and basically eliminated carbs, dairy and sugar. If you're looking for a quick and easy (I prepped all my food for the cleanse the night before I started) way to re-set your body and metabolism, I recommend the Women's Health Two-Day Cleanse.
This is a perfect cleanse to keep in mind for regular use whenever the 'good time' weekend food and drinks catch up with you and you end up feeling sluggish. Shannon HigginsPomona Diet and Exercise ExaminerShannon Higgins is a reformed couch potato.
Check out some of the INCREDIBLE benefits of a juice cleanse or detox diet NOT JUST for our BODIES, but also our MINDS! The key to reaping the rewards of this cleanse is finding what works, and doesn’t work, for you.
For the first couple of days as you start eliminating foods from your diet such as caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten and eventually meat and dairy, you may feel tired or irritable, and may even experience nausea or flu-like symptoms. These toxins are causing inflammation, which can silently involve every cell in your body and, over time, negatively affect your health and abilities. I believe in and have experienced the various health benefits of blended juice cleanse recipes vs traditional juice extracted recipes. I prefer the more satiating qualities of a blended whole juice full of fiber and other vital nutrients found in the skin of fruits or vegetables – over a cold pressed extracted juice – at least for a full day of only juices and definitely for a several day juice cleanse. You can also try one of our 5 DIY detox bath recipes to help your body release those toxins!

During the days leading up to and after the juice cleanse, it’s fine to exercise as normal! One of the healthiest and most natural ways to detoxify your body is through a raw food cleanse. Note: Before starting any cleanse, make sure to consult your physician, especially if you have a medical condition like diabetes. I began the cleanse on a Tuesday (because for me, eating healthier is easier during the week than over the weekend) and by Wednesday night I felt energetic, un-bloated and proud of myself for sticking with my first ever cleanse. When you do this juice cleanse, including the days before and after, I want you to pay attention to your body and become aware of how you FEEL. The truth is – whenever I have tried a detox or fast, whether it be a super restricting Master Cleanse diet or a standard raw juice cleanse – I was famished throughout the day, fairly irritable, couldn’t concentrate on my work I was so hungry, and I lost weight in places I didn’t want or need (T&A!!). The better prepared you are before your cleanse (both physically and mentally), the smoother your transition will be and the better you are going to feel!! During the Juice Cleanse part of this, however, we want you to give your body a brief break from exercise.
Raw foods rid the body of harmful toxins and cleanses and rejuvenates the body as well as strengthens the immune system.
We host several FREE guided juice cleanses throughout the year on our PRIVATE Blender Babes Green Smoothie Challenge and Juice Detox Facebook Group. I did not feel hungry over the two days and the food it instructs you to eat is all fresh, lean and natural. Although food is one of the problems causing this situation, it is also the solution.В A Juice Cleanse is a detoxification method that will clean your blood and help your AMAZING BODYВ naturally rid itself of the many chemical toxins which have collected in your cells. I usually decided (after a miserable day) that I no longer WANTED to finish such a restricting detox or cleanse.
Since the fiber stays in tact, it not only keeps you from feeling deprived, it helps in proper digestion by carrying the waste and toxins out from the body in a systematic and timely manner. Weil “Increased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients help control or reduce inflammation.” Our whole blended juice cleanse includes 6 recipes full of raw fruits, vegetables and spices to reduce inflammation and aid in digestion and removal of toxic buildup in the body.

We purchased ALL the ingredients for 2 full days of our juice cleanse, including organic options if available, and the total cost was $60 – AND that includes lots of ingredients leftover towards another day of juice cleanse recipes, or for green smoothies and snacks leading out of the cleanse. A few days leading up to your cleanse you will cut down and eventually eliminate some of the foods, snacks and other indulgences we are so used to eating every day.
If you decide to eat 1 meal of fruits or vegetables at the end of the day, try to eat it 2 hours before you go to sleep. The reason I developed these blended whole juice cleanse recipes and program, is well BECAUSE!
If your body, mind, or both doesn’t react well to limiting the foods you eat, even for a day, don’t put yourself through it.
It’s also important to increase your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables prior and after the juice cleanse, which you will easily do with a green smoothie or two! It’s so easy to do and can really help your body with normal elimination and detoxification processes. I think almost EVERYONE can partake in a ONE DAY JUICE CLEANSE, and then decide if you want to do more than 1 day, or perhaps try two days the NEXT TIME you detox. Also, we do allow (if you feel you need it) 1 meal of only fruits or vegetables at the very end of the day – after the 6 juices. It will introduce 5-10 servings per day of fruits or vegetables to your diet (you can either add it to your regular meals or replace one meal per day). We’re still fighting for GMO labels (and eating GMOs every day in the meantime) as well as consuming hormones and antibiotics from dairy and meat, not to mention pesticides and other chemicals from seemingly healthy fruits, vegetables and grains. That’s a good start, and maybe once you’ve made a daily green smoothie a healthy habit, you can try our juice cleanse starting with 1 day only. This will not only help you become aware of HOW these food affect YOUR body, but can also help you realize if you have any sensitivities and should limit or omit these from your diet.

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