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With The 17 Day Diet, everything you need to slim down fast and keep the weight gone for good is within reach. Just because you’re dieting to lose weight, it doesn’t mean that you have to completely limit yourself food-wise!
One of the attractions of the 17 Day Diet is that there’s a service (US only), for approx $185 per week, that delivers 7 days worth of meals to your door! A: You may substitute foods in the menu plan with others that are permitted within that cycle, but never substitute foods for those that are not on the diet. A: The diet is not recommended for those with type 1 Diabetes or any other serious medical conditions. The 17 day diet is essentially low carb and low calorie for everyone regardless of weight loss goals, the diet promotes good health and nutrition for people from all walks of life.
The plan lasts 68 days in total which is broken down into 17 day segments; this makes it an interesting weight loss plan where dieters see results quickly. Due to the variety of the plan, this is a diet that easily fits into many different lifestyles and has quickly become a sought after diet plan which can be used whenever you want to rapidly lose excess weight.
They’re both doing well, Clint has lost about 6 pounds in the Activate Phase (2nd phase) on top of the 18 pounds he lost in the first 17 days. Dieting is a short term action to lose weight, it’s very important to see the diet through to the end in order to receive the maximum benefit. The 17 Day Diet phases are the key to why the diet works, the aims are twofold, to lose weight (obviously) but also to help you make healthier food choices so the weight lost isn’t regained. The first cycle is called the accelerate phase and involves following a limited calorie controlled diet featuring some carbs, protein, vegetables and fruit. Cycle 3 takes place from days 35 to 51 and gradually reintroduces foods during what is called the achieve phase. From day 52 onwards, healthy eating is encouraged as the new way forward for the rest of your life. Here’s a great video in which Dr Mike Moreno explains phase one of the 17 Day Diet, the accelerate phase.

The 17 Day Diet helps you eat smart so that your body can’t do anything except shed fat! The plan is aimed at everyone whether the aim is to lose a little or a lot of excess weight; it has proven very popular with dieters claiming the weight they lose does not return. The 17 Day Diet meal plan is not fixed so this is not necessarily what you have to eat, there are options. This service saves all the hassle of buying the specific ingredients and cooking to recipes every day. The plan recommends 17 minutes of cardio exercise every day and there is also a 17 day diet DVD available. 1,200 calories on average per day during the first phase, 1,500 in the second.В  The other phases have higher daily calorie inakes. The diet is very popular in the US and is gaining notoriety in Europe as a plan that works and keeps the weight off. In scientific terms the diet manipulates carbohydrate intake differently during each of the 17 day phases, the intake being very low in some cycles and higher in others. The diet was originally released as a way to help people burn off fat gained by over-eating during the holidays, but it’s now used regardless of the season.
The phases are designed to optimize your metabolism for burning fat, partly through confusing your body so it doesn’t have the chance to become accustomed to the diet regime in order that you continue to lose weight. Previously banned foods will be slowly brought back into your diet as you learn to develop nutritionally balanced eating.
Plusses Fans of the 17 day diet like the plan as it is interesting and varied, plus being broken down into four short segments makes it appear achievable and motivating.
Coffee is allowed in moderation with no more than four cups per day permitted, sugar and honey is not allowed however. The plan requires 17 minutes of daily exercise and the following of four different cycles each lasting 17 days. At this last stage dieters are maintained at their goal weight by eating properly Monday to Friday and taking a break at the weekend to enjoy other foods.

As the diet goes on, additional foods are reintroduced so there are benefits that come with completion of a phase. These studies have taken years to produce meaningful results, many different versions of a diet have been tested and the results compared to see which offers the most success. This first phase lasts from day one to 17 and is often the most difficult cycle due to its restriction of carbohydrates. You will ingest an average of 1,500 calories per day which includes two new helpings of whole grains. The main aim of this cycle is to teach healthy eating habits that continue beyond completion of the 17 day diet.
The science behind the 17 day diet is that it surprises the body’s metabolic system by changing eating habits every 17 days to avoid plateaus, a weight loss of 10-12 pounds is common during the first phase. Mike Moreno who heavily promoted the 17 Day Diet on the internet via social networks such as Twitter and by posting before and after results as video clips on YouTube. Those who have followed the plan claim that its very motivational seeing such quick results in the first phase giving the incentive to see the plan through.
There is also a book that accompanies the plan guiding dieters through the four different cycles.
Calories will be no higher or lower than 1,200 per day which will allow your body to quickly lose weight, rapidly burn fat and also detox. You should also include 17 minutes of exercise per day to speed up your metabolic rate even more and to tone up muscle. At this point in the 17 day diet you will have more food choices and therefore become knowledgeable in how to make healthy food choices which is vital to help you keep the weight off in the future.

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