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A friend of mine started the 17 Day Diet a few months ago and I didn’t think anything of it.
She started sharing about her diet with me and told me she and her husband both had lost 20 lbs. Hormonal women (for whatever reason – be it periods, pregnant, nursing, or just cranky) can have a handful of dark chocolate chips every day.

This diet is really similar to the gestational diabetic diet that I was on during the last few months of my pregnancy (on which I lost a lot of weight – managed to not gain any weight for 3 months while pregnant!).
I never exercised when I was on the diet last time, so I’m looking forward (hoping) to losing more the next time I do cycle 1.
Me and my two older daughters have been dieting for a couple of weeks and running out of ideas.

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    Benefit of the Paleo athletes who follow you are sure to achieve success. Lot.
    Able to achieve the same will need to have a strong conviction more likely.
  3. Vefa:
    Andrews used to be a junk-food junkie - until he discovered this does not take away able to continuously run.