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I’ve also cut out all wine and alcohol and usually opt for Pellegrino with Lime in a wine glass to cure that craving. I always carry an emergency on-to-go snack: one of my kids Clif Kids Z Bars (Organic and around 130 calories). Mornings are busy for me with three little ones and I don’t have time to cook so I always have one of the Orgain Organic Ready-to-Drink Protein shakes listed in the meal plan. Again, this is a plan for weight loss so it will change as I continue to lose weight and then go into aВ maintenanceВ plan when I reach my goal (yay!).

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I’m using the Jeff Galloway training plan for those of you who are interested and I’m super impressed with it! I wear a heart rate monitor watch to know exactly how many calories I burn during a workout, often 400-1,000 depending on the length of my run. I got stuck in a plateau for about 6 weeks and decided to increase my running which really helped.

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