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The best new food blog eating its way through the Philippines--for people who like playing with their food. In the late 1890s, American chemist Wilbur Atwater discovered that if youВ burn food inside a calorimeter you’d be able determine how much energy was released.
1200 Calories a day is enough for you to go about your day without feeling hungry, but also just right that you’ll actually lose weight. As we are manly men with manly daily duties, we first settled on consuming not more than 1500 Calories a day to supplement our daily activities.
To fulfill the diet, we simply had to pick 1 heavy meal, 2 light meals, and 1 snack each day, for 7 days that would total 1500 Calories at the end of each day. If you follow the directions, you’ll only be consuming less than 1500 Calories a day, no matter what combination of meals you choose.
If I could do it differently, I’d eat a little more food, maybe up to 1800 calories, that’s still well within my calorie intake limit. I hope you could share FNRI’s Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake (RENI) for Filipinos as a guide in estimating calorie needs.
Lunchbox Diet offers weekly menu of diet foods (Monday to Friday) for only P1,700, including delivery.

Calorie counting won’t be a problem anymore with the Slimmers Weight Loss Meal Plan that contains only 1200 calories a day.With this meal plan you will be provided 3 meals a day as well as 2 snacks that will help you control your food intake for weight loss. You can get your Calories from vegetables, fruits, and fish; or you can get it from bacon, burgers, and fried chicken. This information proved helpful to us in creating a meal plan that totaled 1500 Calories per day. Imagine how much one could potentially lose if the duration of the fast food diet was extended to a month or more. If you are going for just weight control though, calories from burgers, fried chicken and ice cream are pretty much equal to healthy calories from wheat bread and salad, provided that you stick strictly to the calorie limit.
For a better estimate on the target calories per day, I recommend checking out any macronutrient calculator you can find on Google. A calorie is a calorie indeed but the sources differ and the body processes these differently. And by running these numbers through a basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculator we see that, on average, Filipino males will lose weight simply by consumingВ just 1500 Calories.
How many calories you take in will depend on your gender, age, height, and (current) weight.

What this means is that you could theoretically eat only Snickers bars (or McDo) and STILL drop the poundage so long as you meet your deficit-ed caloric goals. A Filipina, meanwhile, will lose weight by consumingВ 1200 Calories–without any exercise at all. Yes, the target calories should be different per person, but I wanted a standard target that a lot of people can use. I was too lazy to go to the gym and I also have very little time with my busy schedule, I also couldn't get myself to fix my diet. Needless to say, we are not licensed nutritionists, so please try the diet at your own risk. I am a mom of two pre-school girls and time is always an issue when it comes to preparing my own diet food.

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