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We’ve made a list of Healthy Meal Plan Deliveries that will help you make smart choices by eating right and healthy wherever you go. Diet Diva is a delicious and nutritious diet food service that counts the calories for you! Research proves that for Filipina women, this is the average recommended daily caloric intake suitable for weight-loss. We also added a personal touch by making sure our clients eat right by texting them advice many times during the week & adding health tips plus calorie info on food.
I would like to know as well if the meal you are providing is a complete meal (from breakfast to dinner). What started as a small blog from Manila, quickly turned into a platform, an online magazine that boasts the stories from Manila, the Philippines and the world.

Meals per day are set at only 1200 calories and to top it all off, are delivered straight to your doorstep so that you can get the body you want AND enjoy the food you eat, in an easy and affordable way.
I know it was just natural since I was consuming bigger portions and more calories prior to DDP. A couple of my friends went on Diet Diva, too, but their experiences weren’t as horrific (LOL) as yours seemed to be. The entire program includes 3 meals per day plus snacks from Monday to Friday, Saturday & Sunday are cheat days! Obviously, it did because the portions and quality of my meals were smaller and healthier as compared to what I was eating prior to this. This is recommendable to those who want to diet but are lazy to think and prepare what to eat.

Diet Diva offers the same weekly menu for everyone, varying weekly, versatile to client’s needs in case of food preferences or allergies.
I also have to say that the 1200 calories per day may not be suitable to my height and built. After just a week of Diet Diva, I immediately felt the difference when I put on my costumes again.

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