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When a woman has enough folic acid in her body before and during pregnancy, it can prevent major birth defects, including:Spina bifida (SPEYE-nuh BIF-ih-duh), which occurs when an unborn baby’s spinal column does not close to protect the spinal cord. They may also need many surgeries.Anencephaly (an-en-SEF-uh-lee), which is when most or all of the brain does not develop.
Talk with your doctor about how much folic acid you need if:You are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant. Pregnant women need 400 to 800 mcg of folic acid in theВ veryВ early stages of pregnancyВ often before they know that they are pregnant. Some doctors prescribe prenatal vitamins that contain higher amounts of folic acid.You are breastfeeding.

Some doctors suggest that breastfeeding women keep taking their prenatal vitamins to be sure they are getting plenty of folic acid while they are breastfeeding and should they become pregnant again.You had a baby with a birth defect of the brain or spine and want to get pregnant again. Taking this high dose of folic acid can lower the risk of having another baby with these birth defects.You have a family member with spina bifida.
If you have a hard time swallowing pills, you might try a chewable or liquid product that has folic acid. Please note, if you already are taking a daily prenatal vitamin, you probably are getting all the folic acid you need. We cannot be sure that eating foods that contain folate would have the same benefits as consuming folic acid.

In the United States, most women who eat foods enriched with folic acid are still not getting all that they need.
But unless your doctor tells you otherwise, do not consume more than 1,000 mcg of folic acid a day.
Consuming too much folic acid can hide signs that a person is lacking vitamin B12, which can cause nerve damage.

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