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These are just some of the most important 1000 calorie diet results that you should be aware of. A 1000 calorie diet is a kind of diet that restricts a person’s calorie intake to only 1000 calories.
A 1000 calorie diet is seen as a justifiable diet plan since you simply need to cut down on your caloric intake in order to reduce weight.
A 1000 calorie plan may not be sufficient in providing the right amounts of nutrients that a person needs in a day. Certainly a 1000 calorie diet is very promising but a diet plan should never overlook a person’s health and daily nutrition for weight loss. A 1000 calorie diet is a type of diet plan that involves taking in foods with only a few calories, the total amount of calories in a day will only be 1000 calories. The calorie needs of each person may depend on his age, gender, his weight, any medical condition and his activity levels and a person that is very active requires a lot of energy to fuel his every day activities. Remember that if you severely reduce your calorie intake all your body systems suffer especially the brain. It is a diet that has fascinated so many people looking for a sure and fast way to lose weight and to trim down.

It is useless to indulge in foods with high calorie content if you are trying to lose weight and of course in a weight loss plan you are increasing your calorie burn. Each person has his own calorie needs each day and this may depend on different factors such as a person’s age, weight, gender and his daily physical activities. Upon looking at this diet plan, it may seem to be a smart move for a dieter to reduce his calorie intake since he is basically trying to burn them anyway. Let’s say a woman with a weight of 150 pounds who works as a sales lady requires less calories compared to a woman with the same age and weight that works as a cashier.
It is a diet that intensively selects foods and beverages that contain only a few calories and prepares them also in a way that there are only a few or no additional calories added.
A man that weighs 170 pounds and works as a construction worker has a different calorie need compared to a man with the same weight who works as an accountant. This kind of diet may not meet all the physiologic needs of a person and thus may only lead to sickness instead of the original wellness and fitness goal.
Conditions such as thyroid dysfunctions could lead to increased metabolic rate wherein calories in foods are easily utilized by the body. Therefore, a 1000 calorie will not be enough to provide enough calories to meet a person’s activities in a day, an assessment of all the mentioned factors should be done before any kind of diet is started.

One must never overlook his nutritional needs over his weight loss goals and therefore if you plan on using a 1000 calorie diet you must consult your doctor or a dietician beforehand.
It could be hard to manage this diet plan and therefore you should first consult your doctor or a dietician. And with these differences, a 1000 calorie plan may be insufficient to provide the amount of calories that a person needs for energy. Therefore, if you are thinking of indulging in a 1000 calorie diet, make sure that you consult your doctor beforehand especially when you have a medical condition. Be sure to get professional help since this diet severely reduces a person’s calorie intake which could be very dangerous to his health.

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