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Believe me, therea€™s nothing special about me other than the fact that I was struggling with belly fat loss and didna€™t begin to incorporate an exercise weight loss program into my life until my mid 30a€™s. So if youa€™re a a€?late bloomera€™ like me, I know these types of physical activities will be effective in helping you lose stomach fat too.
Cardiovascular activities help to increase and improve your heart rate, strengthen your cardiovascular system and get your blood circulating. I put together this calorie burning chart to give you an "approximate" idea of how many calories each activity burns based on your body weight.

Whole body stretching helps to improve and maintain flexibilitya€¦something we lose as we age. I saved the very best Belly Fat Loss Tip for the end. Glycogen is your body's main source of stored energy. HomeBeautySay Goodbye to Stomach Fat with Only 2 Spoons of This Mixture: It Burns Fat IMMEDIATELY!

What happens next is your fat-burning process goes on throughout the day without you being aware of it.

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