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As a dog owner you are probably aware that urinary stones can be a very painful condition for dogs.
The composition works through a reduced content of minerals, a more acidic urine and increased salt intake to promote drinking and urination. Once they are removed, you can reduce the formation of new stones by giving your dog the correct diet. If your dog also suffers from kidney, heart or liver disease or prefers wet food, your vet may prescribe our Heart and Kidney Support. It is important that your vet identifies the type of stone in question, as this is essential to giving your dog the best treatment.

The ideal food for dogs with urinary problems provides sufficient nutrients while producing a minimum of protein and mineral wastes for the urine to excrete.
The composition of the food can help dissolve existing urinary stones and reduce the risk of new ones forming. They form if there is too much magnesium and phosphorus in the urine and if the urine is not acidic enough. This includes a food with a reduced level of protein and a composition that makes the urine less acidic. Especially in female dogs struvite stones are often caused by a bacterial urinary infection, so your vet may prescribe antibiotic treatment.

This may include a physical examination, investigation of a urine sample, microscopy, x-rays, ultrasound or urinary stone analysis.
Different types of stones require different nutritional strategies  – read more!
The tension of the bladder causes pain and retained waste elements can seriously harm the body.

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