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Fresh vegetables add wonderful color and texture to the dinner table, but vegetables cooked in a slow cooker gain a rich, deep flavor that fills the kitchen with savory aromas. As the weather starts to cool down and football season is in full swing, we’re busting out our large pots and slow cookers to make big batches of comforting, hearty chili. Black Bean and Lentil Chili: Black beans and lentils take the place of meat in this hearty, smoky, and spicy chili. Veggie Loaded Chili with Squash, Corn, and Beans (Vegan): Kiersten uses up all of the end of summer zucchini along with corn and 2 types of beans in this loaded freezer-friendly chili. Vegetarian Sweet Potato Chili: This simple veggie chili gets a touch of natural sweetness from sweet potatoes along with black beans and kidney beans. Farro and Quinoa Sriracha Chili: Carrie includes not 1, but 2, whole grains in this unique, hearty chili with nutty farro and fluffy quinoa.
White Bean Chili (Vegan, Gluten Free): Most white chilis use shredded chicken instead of ground beef, but here, Alissa subs in white beans and corn.
An easy-peasy Slow Cooker Beef Curry that can be tweaked with any ingredients you've got in the fridge!

And, of course, slow cooking is an easy way to prepare a satisfying dinner without slaving over a stove.
While there are the days when we like to keep things traditional with a meat chili, for Meatless Monday we’re mixing things up and introducing you to the world of vegetarian chilis! Make a big batch over the weekend and you’ll have a quick dinner at any point during the week. Kate’s secret ingredient is unsweetened cocoa powder which adds a unique depth of flavor to the chili. Instead of the usual chili powder and caynne, she adds an Asian twist with our favorite hot sauce – Sriracha! Instead of using cream, butter, or flour to thicken the chili, she just purees a portion of the beans and adds it right back in. And don’t worry, all of the alcohol cooks out so you can still have a beer on the side to drink.
Try this healthier version healthier version of the Cuban staple rice and beans from POPSUGAR user Dara8182.

Less comforting, is that it's usually packed with calories and salt, not to mention the fact that the traditional Cuban preparation requires you use a ham hock for flavoring. Just toss in the ingredients first thing in the morning and then enjoy your meal whenever you get home from work. Using ingredients like beans, sweet potatoes, and even quinoa, this collection of vegetarian (and vegan) chili recipes will satisfy even the biggest carnivore. I decided to create a healthier version, using brown rice and simple flavorings to keep the spirit of the Cuban dish while making a healthy and filling dinner.

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