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So, because of this unique Croatian background every single Easter, Christmas and special occasion my nonna would bake a povatica. After the biga has grown you add the eggs, sugar, salt, melted butter and milk to the biga and the biga to the rest of the flour. So in a food processor add the nuts and chop, then the poppy seeds, sugar, honey, milk and vanilla extract. Begin by rolling the side of the dough that has filling to the border all the one with a margin.
Glaze the loaves with it and bake for about 30 minutes or GBD (golden brown and delicious). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Cabbage goes well with caraway, potatoes and leeks in this broth-based cabbage soup.Browning the potatoes a little before adding the rest of the ingredients adds a nice flavor to the soup, and it can be served meatless or vegetarian as well as with leftovers such and corned beef. Watch these matches with the biggest screen in the continent and the best brews in the multiverse! Hurry up and purchase your experience in our taproom or eventbrite before all the seats are taken! Tonight from 6 o’clock to 9PM enjoy the best brews in town with the amazing tunes of Ben & Franchesca!

In April, Green Prophet had a chance to go from door to door with Vered Hatab, a water savings advisor hired by the Milgam Municipal Services company to sell Israelis on using less water.
Hatab, 23, was lugging a case full of plumbing tools through apartment buildings in Herzliya.
On that Thursday, Hatab went into the womana€™s living room and started reeling off water facts. By April, Milgam had installed about 60,000 chaschams, with the average house taking three. Zaki Libi, Milgama€™s director of the project, said installing devices is the best way of permanently reducing demand for water because its effect lasts longer than an ad campaign that only runs for a few months.
Similar water-saving projects have been run in Australia, which is suffering from a drought so bad its rice industry has collapsed this year. Although I never new that it had walnuts until I’ve tried to recover some of my cultural heritage.
We wan’t to help Kaitlin get an awesome service dog that will help her face the world! Join us to enhance the happy hour (4PM-7PM) with our fantastic hotdogs cooked with Pop’s Porter!
Dressed in a light blue button-down blouse, a brown skirt and black sneakers, she made her pitch to the residents.

They knock on doors for five hours in the afternoon, offering water tips and installing chaschams, which are small metal cylinders that reduce water flow by up to 42 percent while using air to maintain the same pressure.
Since domestic use in Israel accounts for just under 40 percent of the national water budget, projects like this can have a strong impact. So as it happens my father is Italian, my grandparents were Croatian but called nonno and nonna.
I added more honey and milk than the original recipe and also some poppy seeds to absorb that liquid. On one side go all the way to the border, on the other leave a 1 inch of dough without filling. Ask our experienced beertenders to pair your food with the perfect brew to enhance the experience! Chascham in Hebrew is a shortening of the words a€?saves water.a€? The project started as a pilot in 2007, and if it reduces water demand within this year, it will be rolled out on a nationwide scale.

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