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I asked Shilpa to write an article on traditional Konkani food and she readily accepted to do one. Then you can also see jackfruit, mango, drum stick trees, so fruits from these trees constitute a large proportion of Konkani food. A rice congee prepared from boiled rice is served at around 11 AM along with either pickle, papad or some kind of side dish. Like most south Indians, I guess Konkani people find rice to be their primary food in the lunches and dinners. Urad papads which are roasted directly on the flame, pickles and then some kind of vegetable.
The meals are usually accompanied by a cup of plain buttermilk or in kokum season, a cup of kokum kadi. Fish gravies usually have a coconut base – either a gravy with coconut and onion which is called alle kande ambat or teppal and coconut which are called tepla ambat. Fish fries – fishes are marinated in spicy masala and then rolled in sooji and fried. Grind together coconut, chillies, tamarind, salt(do not add too much water, it should be chutney consistency).
Thanks a lot, Sailu, for giving me an opportunity to showcase my regional cuisine from North Canara – Konkani food. Wonderful Thali Shilpa, Though I am not familiar with the spices you have mentioned, your article was a beautiful insight on Konkani Cuisine. Cilantro,Prasad, you can use tamarind as a substitute for kokum as kokum is used as a souring agent. Hi Sailu, I dont know if you noticed or not but your webpage is not updated even though TOI shows that you added new posts. Could somebody give me the recipe of making fenugreek (methi) sukkein in konkani style of cooking. I am not a pure vegetarian but I truly love vegetarian food (regardless of Chinese, Indian, Western….) more for health rather than for religious reason.
In food haven Penang, you can find many hawker stalls and restaurants serving vegetarian meals. We started our dinner with a 4-seasons combo (kerabu, satay, fish ring, stir-fried scallop, crabmeat, gingko nuts with french beans). Yup , agree with you the vegetarian food here is good but for price wise, it’s a bit pricey loh. Carino: I guess their price was at the high side bcos they used better quality ingredients and organic products. The vegetarian stalls at causeway point and pasir panjang wholesale centre Kopitiam are quite good.
Vegetarian dishes looks so yummy and yet I have not been to this place…a must visit soon. 5) so to replise it thai chili powder is use , soya sause AND BASIL LEAVES is use in the manue .
All the works by Food-4Tots is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Singapore License.

Intensification in animal farming has displaced 1,000,000's of people from their traditional lands - eg. If everyone went vegetarian upto 90% of land used for animal farming could be taken out of production & used to replant woodlands, leisure activities etc. CO2 is released by burning oil & petrol in lorries, ships, abattoirs, dairies, factories etc. Cows only give milk for 10 months after they have a calf - so they are routinely artificially inseminated (ie.
In the UK animals are killed by first being stunned with electricity or a captive bolt gun (ie. Large areas of land are under monoculture to grow crops to feed to animals - these areas are wildlife deserts supporting fewer & fewer species. Egg yolk is a dense concentration of saturated fat & the white is high in albumin protein associated with leaching calcium into your urine.
If you've read this far, I hope that you are beginning to see that the Meat & Dairy industry is a major contributor to misery on this planet.
She is a prolific food blogger who regularly updates her blog with simple everyday recipes with a focus on Konkani food. In todaya€™s essay on Konkani cuisine, she enriches our culinary knowledge with two traditional recipes of North Canara region of Karnataka and also gives us a glimpse of traditional thalis of Konkan region. Well, this is not the complete list, I am picking out few that are coming to my mind at this point.
Some times it can have both coconut masala and toor dal as in dali ambat, or just coconut masala like in almbe ambat. I enjoy cooking for my family using fresh produce from my vegetable garden and farmer's market.
Through this we are not only getting familiar with new food’s but also with new bloggers.
I love learning about traditional foods, for me it is a delightful(and tasty)cultural experience. I would like to read your new posts but couldnt get it even from TOI or from your webpage.. Actually the latest post is featured below the photo gallery which is placed at the top of the page. I am so glad of you and your mother’s hard work in sharing these recipes- I enjoy your blog very much! It reminded me of so many recipes which I have forgotten after having settled in Bangalore.
This is why you can find a variety of simple homecooked vegetarian dishes I tried and shared with you in my blog (under the categories of “vegetarian”) with some of my top picks listed here. On New Year’s Eve, my family members and I had a vegetarian dinner at Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen. The total bill came out to be RM250.00 net (US$70) for a table of nine adults and a child (actually he eats like an adult on a two third portion like grandpa and grandma).
If I happen to go to Penang again for holiday, I will surely persuade my hubs to try this out!

Too bad, so far, I can’t find any good vegetarian restaurants here in Jakarta, most of them are big disappointments, either the presentation or taste.
Maybe u can try their ala-carte menu ie nasi lemak, fried Indian mee, fish head noodles served at ground floor.
But there is only one vegetarian stall in the Kopitiam at Causeway Pt and Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre. It is destroying the health of people in rich countries, starving those in poor countries, it is torturing & killing billions of animals every year and in the meantime it is one of the major factors in the destruction of the environment - so what does the meat & dairy industry have to say in it's defence? I admire Shilpa for her dedication to bring Konkani recipes on the world food map and has even got her Aayi (mother) to blog about food. There is no denying that authentic recipes are often diluted with changing tastes and preferences. There are many different dialects of Konkani, which is usually a mix of Konkani words plus the other languages.
Like all other communities in India, for food, Konkanis mostly rely on, what is grown in their backyards.
Ask anyone from this place and you would definitely hear – tappla ambat (a coconut gravy with teppal).
I am not claiming this to be a reference guide for Konkani food nor am I claiming this to be an accurate representation that different regions of Konkani people follow when it comes to food. Its so important to preserve our culture and blogging has provided us with that wonderful oppurtunity to save the tradition and culture and cuisine that we grew up with and pass it on to the gen next! This restaurant is specializing in vegetarian Chinese, Nyonya, Fusion and Western cuisine and caters for all occasions.
Hope our humble attempt will motivate our younger generation, especially those living away from home, to appreciate, learn and cook our traditional foods. So a typical Konkani home in North Kanara would have a big yard dominated by coconut trees – that is the reason coconut is a primary ingredient in the food.
They can be broadly classified into sugar paays (sakkre paays) and jaggery paays (goDa paays) depending on the sweetening agent used.
I believe that hard work, self-discipline, and a positive attitude cannot help but reap a harvest of fantastic results. It occupies 2 floors with ground floor mainly for self-service canteen, whereas the first floor accommodates to walk-in ala-carte dining and private functions such as birthday and wedding occasions.
I personally prefer Nestum butter prawn because it has a strong curry leaves flavour to it.
These days all other vegetables are readily available in markets, but still lot of people rely mainly on coconut based food. Though chicken is getting more and more popular these days, fish is a primary non-veg choice.

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