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I got a couple requests for a sample vegan meal plan, so I’ve compiled one, below, and also provided some resources should any of you be interested in creating your own meal plans.
Have any of you ever written down your entire day’s worth of food and analyzed where you might improve? B12 is derived from a bacteria and is found in animals because they eat foods with the bacteria on it.
I am a strict vegan and weigh 112lbs I need to keep my calories up to 2500 hoaw can I do this?

I am still not convinced that taking a multivitamin is the right thing for me, yet I have not done adequate research (and preparation) to ensure I do get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from my diet alone. It is more beneficial to take a supplement then to ingest the junk that comes along with eating meat. This day compiled below comes in at 1800 calories and also happens to fit in the daily recommended percentage of iron (based on a 2000 calorie diet). I feel very confident after reading this that even if i wanted to go vegan for a week or two this would make it so much easier.

If you’ve created a better meal plan, please link to it in the comments so we can all partake. I am simply using this image to serve as a guide to how most vegans should eat most of the time.

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