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Recent PostsVegan Diet Best for Type 2 Diabetes A&E Presents First-Ever Vegan Lifestyle Show to 70 Million Subscribers Traveling abroad and worried about the Zika virus? About Us & ContactVegan Magazine advocates health for people, animals and the planet through a whole foods, plant-based diet. Choosing festive and colorful recipes for a vegan Christmas dinner menu (suitable for any vegetarian as well) — as well as desserts and appetizers — doesn’t have to be difficult.
If you don’t want to add another recipe to make to your holiday meal, you can always serve a green veggie like broccoli, green beans, or Brussels sprouts, simply prepared with a little olive oil and garlic.
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Wow, was really worried my vegan family members would not have anything special for Christmas.
Wonderful Recipes, I’m new to the world of Vegan Living and this is our first Christmas. Hi Louise — whenever I talk about vegan holiday meals attended by those of varying culinary persuasions, I encourage the vegans to bring a main dish with plenty to share. Thank you so much for letting me refer to your site with a picture, it makes it look so much better ( and probably makes people click through the links to your site more than the others!
So happy that you found this useful, Lea — and hope it helped you and yours enjoy the holiday meal!

For the Cherry Almond CrustPlace the raw almonds in your food processor and pulse for several seconds, until most of almonds are broken into larger pieces. Serve this zesty vegetable dish over brown rice or couscous and garnish with some fresh cilantro.
I’m only 15 and nobody else in my family is vegan or even vegetarian, so I better get my cooking skills on! I would like to provide a link to your website, as one of the ideas, since you have such an abundance of options for Christmas here! And this year, we have to make our own Christmas dinner, I was trying to find recipes but none sounded appetizing. Next, place the cashews in a lidded glass container that's about twice as large as the bulk of the cashews. Feasting with family and friends, so central to this beloved holiday is made all the merrier when compassion is paired with the abundance of the season. Ready-made seitan is available in natural foods stores and food co-ops; not as many supermarkets, but that depends on where you live.
So, I will be serving a turkey but need to make a meal that they can eat as well, I work overnight so it can’t be too hard to make. Can I use one of your pictures, in the section where I talk about your website, while clearly writing the source and linking back to your site?

It should be still very course at this point.Add the coconut sugar and coconut oil and pulse again for several seconds.
Here’s a mix-and-match list to make planning your holiday gatherings easier and healthier. We keep our coconut milk in the fridge so you can just poke a hole in solid coconut cream and pour out the milky liquid substance over the cashews. I think that the problems with commercial meat substitutes is that they’re high in sodium and often made with soy protein isolate, which is junk. It was actually the one I was going to add to the article under the section about your website. Put the lid on the container and place this in the fridge to sit at least four hours, up to overnight.Once the cashews have set, pour all the contents of your container (coconut milk and all) into the food processor, along with the sliced banana, ground flax seeds, and Truvia. If not, feel free to add another packet of Truvia.Pour the cheesecake mixture over the crust and smooth until even.

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