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Arriving at a restaurant display the cards on the table and bring them to the attention of the server.
Veggie burger will be available at the Ribs and More ala carte and also the two beach bars: Punta Emilia (WS) and the Colonial Beach Bar.
O’Pavao a red and green marker is used to inform the waiter your ready for the next skewer or when your done. Guests with A la carte reservation privileges, Royal and VIP, Imperial (Air Transat) staying at White Sand(check your package) and Repeat guests may make reservations at any a la carte restaurant and these reservations may be made in advance or with Guest Services, see above. If you have a group of ten or more people and you wish to dine together you may make a group reservation with guest services at least 24 hours in advance.
Punta Emilia a la carte and Teppanyaki (show cooking) tables at Sumptuori Restaurant, the guest can make the reservations one day before by 1:30 PM with Guest Services. The Royal and some of the specialty bars have the Absolute brand while the other bars have the ‘Skol’ brand. There is a limited continental breakfast available in the Colonial lobby (at the bar) from around 5am primarily for guests with early departures.
While in Paradise you may want to celebrate a special event such as an anniversary or birthday or maybe wish to have a romantic setting and dinner to celebrate your engagement. If you have any questions regarding the quality and preparations of the food at the Palladium, please refer to the Behind the Scenes article and see how it is all done! They will direct you to the appropriate staff responsible for issuing the Dietary Cards (Front desk or Guest services). Well-trained and knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting food choices contained on the menu.

Guests can go to Tikal one day and the next to La Hacienda and have a completely different variety of food to choose from. Limited number of seating for the people willing to participate in an pre-set menu with the chef Martin, they are seated outside at the terrace.
A reservation for any of the scheduled night starts the morning prior to the scheduled BBQ.
Some of the flavors available are vanilla, lemon, orange, pear, peach, grapefruit, citrus, peppermint and raspberry. But I wondered, how do the workers at resorts get their tips if they’re included in a prepaid resort package??? Since most workers do not have bank accounts or a safe place to secure their earnings, they’re issued a MasterCard brand cash card. This was a sensitive subject but from what I could gather it varies from about US$50 to about US$130 depending upon the season.
If there is nothing suitable on the menu the staff will provide you with a possible substitutions based upon your food requirements. Grilled lobster is served daily along with lobster salad (called ‘Rivera salad’) and lobster soup.
Depending on weddings the day may change.* Also, any beach BBQ will be subject to the weather. I decided to do a little research and ask a couple veteran workers (both management and staff) at the Palladium (it’s amazing what you can learn while having a few drinks). The union negotiates with management over how much the resort will contribute to an employee ”tip account” based upon the number of guests staying at the resort.

If you think $10 or $20 a day is sufficient wages, then don’t bother to leave an additional tip.
The content of this site and forumis protected by international copyright law, link and share, but don't copy without permission. If you have a hardy appetite, you may also order surf & turf, grilled lobster and steak (T-bone, shell or rib eye).
However, if you think employees deserve more for their hard work you may want to leave a dollar or two. The higher the hotel occupancy, the more money deposited in the account – the lower the occupancy the less money. Tables and chairs for four diners are set up on the beach near the snack bars (restrooms are nearby).
Each worker’s portion is calculated with variables such as job title, experience and seniority factored in. In addition to the “tip account”, each worker earns the legal minimum wage of about 50 pesos A DAY (approx.

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