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Some desserts are created just for pleasure alone while others, like the opera cake, were made with a specific agenda in mind. The components of opera cake are not complicated to make but the assembly can take some practice to perfect. Unfortunately you cannot substitute almond meal or cake flour with anything else, but if you find coffee extract to be elusive, you can make a reasonable facsimile by using instant espresso. In a small saucepan over a medium low flame, heat 1 ounce of water with 2 ? ounces of sugar and 1 ? ounce of light corn syrup. Once the syrup gets to 240 degrees (a three or four second bubble), remove the syrup from the heat.
Spread a layer of the coffee butter cream onto this layer of cake as thick as the joconde layer. French cuisine has evolved over the years, since the earliest collection of recipes dating back to the Middle Ages. Legend has it that the dessert L 'Opera was created to help patrons of the opera stay awake during long performances. My one word of advice to the baker who is trying this dessert for the first time is to take it slow. Before you start to make your opera cake, make sure that you have almond meal, cake flour, and coffee extract handy. You will need 4-ounces of coffee extract for this recipe so start with 4-ounces of water and add instant espresso, one teaspoon at a time, until it becomes slightly thick. Every region in France has its own specialty, which is probably why we have different types of French food that are popular all over the globe. This is entirely possible considering the amount of sugar and concentrated coffee that is use to make an opera cake. You may even want to try it before your next trip to the opera, to see if the legend is true! The dough is first applied with butter, and is then folded and rolled before rolling it into a sheet. The most popular variant of quiche is Quiche Lorraine made with a filling of smoked bacon and custard. French Onion Soup As the name suggests, Soupe A  l'oignon is an onion soup, traditionally consisting of beef broth and caramelized onions served with cheese and croA»tons. Originally, onion soups were a part of Roman times, where they were the staple diet of poor people. However, in the 18th century, the recipe of soup with beef broth and onions was popularized by the French.
Duchess(e) Potatoes Known as pommes de terre duchesse in French, Duchess potatoes are one of the classic breakfast items of the French cuisine. They are basically well-seasoned, mashed potatoes having a shape that is similar to a meringue.

The mashed potatoes are then baked along with egg yolks and butter, until they are golden-brown. These potato dollops can be of various sizes and may be served with a protein dish.Breads Pain de Campagne Having various names, such as country bread and French Sourdough, Pain de campagne is, typically a large bread that is circular in shape.
The main ingredient over the centuries has been the usage of rye flour instead of wheat flour, which gives the bread its distinctive flavor.Brioche Brioche is a type of bread made from egg and butter. This long loaf of bread is made from basic lean dough, which is defined by French law, and is easily identified by its length and crisp nature. They are frequently used for sandwiches, and are served with cheese, or dunked in coffee, or hot chocolate.Boule This type of bread resembles a crushed, or squeezed ball that can be prepared from any kind of flour.
A boule is served as a breakfast meal with soup, sandwiches, tea, or coffee, or can be simply eaten with a layer of butter.CheeseCamembert Camembert is a type of soft cheese, first made in 1791 by a farmer from Normandy. The version of this cheese known today is probably credited to the various cheese-making processes, and their industrialization during the 19th century. A product of unpasteurized cow's milk, Camembert is ripened by molds (fungi) for a minimum 3 weeks before cutting it into small, circular shapes. This type of cheese is used in several dishes, but is often eaten raw with wine, meat, or bread.Brie Originated in Seine-et-Marne department of AZle-de-France region of France, Brie is a soft cheese made from whole, or semi-skimmed milk of a cow. According to the French laws, only that cheese, which comes from the French region of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon can be termed as Roquefort Cheese.
This type of cheese is a tad moist, and gets its taste from the addition of blue mold during its preparation.ValenA§ay ValenA§ay cheese comes from the Berry province of France, and is made from unpasteurized goat's milk. Known for its truncated pyramidal shape, this cheese has a soft texture and flavored outer layer. The cheese gets its blue-gray color from the molds and is later dusted with charcoal to give it a darkened appearance.Main Course Beef Bourguignon Originating in the region of Burgundy in France, Beef Bourguignon -- a classic French recipe -- is a type of stew. The stew is cooked from beef prepared in wine (typically, red Burgundy) with beef broth, along with bouquet garni, onions, and garlic to taste.
Although this dish has undergone many variations over the years, even today, chefs prefer the high-quality meat of Charolais cattle for its preparation. The name originates from two words; bolhir, which means 'to boil', and abaissar, meaning 'to simmer'. As per the regional tradition, a Marseillaise bouillabaisse includes at least 5 different kinds of sea fish, such as scorpion fish, shellfish, sea robin, and European conger. It can also include octopus, mussels, velvet crabs, or spider crabs.Cassoulet This is a slow-cooked casserole, coming from the south of France. Typically, a cassoulet consists of meat -- either from pork sausages, duck, or goose, and rarely mutton. Named after a traditional, circular-cooking vessel casserole, this dish originated in Castelnaudary and has been adapted into several variations. Coq au vin Coq au vin is a stew with braised chicken prepared with wine (usually Burgundy), mushrooms, and lardons.

Even though the word coq means a rooster, most of the recipes of this dish are made from chicken. The origin of this dessert is debated upon by many culinary artists around the world, whether its roots are in France, or Britain. Traditionally, a madeleine contains finely ground almonds, but many variations do exist, according to one's taste.A‰clair A‰clair is a cylindrical pastry made from choux dough having a cream filling, with icing on the top. The dough is piped into its typical cylindrical shape using a pastry bag, and is baked till it is crisp in nature. The cream filling is done once the pastry cools down, and is later topped with fondant icing. Tarte Tatin This is an upside-down tart consisting of fruits (usually apples), butter, and sugar. First prepared as a result of an accident in the kitchen of Hotel Tatin (France), tarte tatin can also be baked with other fruits, such as plums, peaches, pears, and pineapple.As You Like It Foie Gras Foie gras (fat liver) is a well-known part of French gastronomy.
It is prepared from the liver of a goose, or duck that is fattened by force-feeding the bird with corn.
Depending on the ingredients and style of cooking, foie gras can be served during breakfast, as a side dish, or main course meal.
In France, the dish is mainly prepared on special occasions, such as Christmas, or New Year.Ratatouille Ratatouille niA§oise is a stewed vegetable dish from Nice, France. It is often dished out as a side dish, but can also be served as a breakfast, or main course meal with a different method of preparation, according to the liking of the chef. This dish is extremely nutritious, and low in fat and calories, thus making it a favorite among the dieters.CrA?pe CrA?pe is a thin pancake made from either wheat flour, or buckwheat flour.
Originated in Brittany, crA?pes are filled with different fillings, which can be sweet, or savory, and are served with cider.
With the sweet fillings, crepes are served as breakfast, or dessert, while savory-filled crepes can be eaten for lunch, or dinner. The sweet fillings can include sugar, maple syrup, whipped creams, and custard, whereas the savory fillings consist of eggs, ham, mushrooms, cheese, and other products. Duck Confit Called confit de canard in French, Duck confit is a French dish prepared using a braised leg of a duck. This dish is prepared following the age-old technique of preservation that includes using a salt to cure a piece of meat, which can be of either duck, goose, or pork, and then using its own fat to poach it. These were some of the various food items of the French cuisine that are popular among all the gastronomists out there.
So, forget the calorie count for a day, and enjoy the delicacies this cuisine has to offer!

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