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Set out one bowl containing the flour, one bowl containing the egg, and one bowl containing the breadcrumbs and parmesan mixed together. Bake for about 16 mins, turning once halfway through, until chicken is cooked and the outside is crispy.
Chicken is a fantastic source of lean, low fat protein, which is great for the muscle growth and development of your toddler. Sign me up to the Simple Toddler Recipes newsletter so that I can receive notificiations of new recipes weekly in my inbox. Fill all the cups evenly in the muffin tray with the mixture, then top with a little grated cheese. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When in doubt, grab your favorite.  Your favorite will pair well with anything because it is your favorite. Before beginning this little experiment, Chardonnay was my favorite.  By the end though, I had expanded my palate – and I must say, the Albarino, the Rose’, the Cava, and the Chainti are all topping my new favorite list. Firebrand Chardonnay 2014: A bold, rich and oaky chardonnay that added a crisp compliment to the grilled cheese that I slathered in salsa before consuming.

This meal was included because my children eat it every day for lunch.  They can’t be alone. 2014 D’Autrefois Pinot Noir is full of dark fruits and is so smooth going down, you won’t realize you are drinking red. Pigmentum Malbec 2015 Georges Vigouroux Rose’: Hello beautiful pink wine.  Did you know that there are pink wines?
BrisAndes 2014 Cab has a hint of black cherries, perfectly pairing with the half of hamburger I inhaled. Hot Dog – Pick your favorite, our wine expert says there is no good pairing here – My professional mom drinking says that chardonnay works well.
California Square Fine Wine Chardonnay:  This was my splurge wine for the week.  I LOVE a good chardonnay and this did not disappoint! This entry was posted in Toddler and tagged toddler food, wine pairing, wine on April 14, 2016 by Elizabeth MacDonald.
Just defrost and then reheat them in the oven rather than the microwave, otherwise they may go a bit soggy. Scissors are great for chopping all kinds of food one handed while holding a baby or toddler.

For example, if your toddler doesn't eat their vegetables at dinner time, save them for the next morning so you can cook them in with scrambled eggs. Blanc from Chile: Leaves the mouth refreshed, happy, and ready for another drink!  It’s freshness is not overly citrusy, which works well with the breaded chicken nugget leftovers. It is just delicious, and John and I continued this bottle into our Brownie and Ice-cream Dessert after kids went to bed! Let’s be honest, peas are peas, and unless I’m sauteing buttered English peas, they are just mush. Ian’s gluten free sticks are also allergy-friendly so my 4 year old tasted his first fish stick this week.  He wasn’t amused to say the least.  There were more leftovers than I was hoping for, so I ditched them and enjoyed the wine!

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