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It's time to nix those frozen TV dinners and fill your life and your stomach with healthy options.
Start a plan offers personalized eating plans and interactive tools that help you set a health-conscious plan. Cheat We're not saying to devour the entire bag of cookies, but one cookie here and there won't hurt you.
ListenPay attention to your body — are you really hungry, or are you just trying to fill time between work and primetime TV? Not all fat is the same Saturated fats increase your risk of coronary disease but monounsaturated fats found in things like olive oil can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Go for the pretty colors Fruits and vegetables that are brighter and deeper in color contain higher concentrations of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are essential to a healthy way of life. Applegate Farms Chicken Maple Sausage, scrambled egg and whole wheat English muffin–or try a Van’s GF waffle with it, like a wrap! Fresh smoothies made with frozen berries, bananas, almond milk, pomegranate juice, raw protein like Amazing Meals. Breakfast burrito–whole wheat tortillas–the fresh ones from Central Market or Whole Foods, NOT the Mission ones with a gazillion creepy ingredients–mixed with scrambled eggs and pico de gallo.
Clean junk for the weekend: Cinnamon Rolls by Immaculate Baking Company: just like the Dough Boy, but without the chemicals!! And as for YOU, dear parent, plan your mornings accordingly: get up early, revel in your morning routine and simply enjoy a few moments with your kids. This entry was posted in Food Secrets, Happiness, Health, Healthy Eating Tips, Organic and tagged Amazing Meals, Applegate Farms, Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats, breakfast favorites, breakfast ideas, breakfasts for teens, Dallas juice bar, Ezekiel Bread, hail merry, healthy teens, Immaculate Baking Company, Juice Bar, King Arthur, organic food, organic juice, organic smoothies, Pamela Salzman, Vigilant Eats on March 2, 2016 by diamondsonyourinside.
Bean Roll-Ups Spread bean dip on a whole wheat flour tortilla, top with shredded organic white cheddar and roll up. Applegate Farms Turkey or chicken with a little mustard wrapped around a sesame breadstick. Mini pizzas made with whole grain English muffins, fresh marinara (no sugar, all natural), organic mozzarella. Make your own pita chips–sprinkle whole grain pita chips with parmesan cheese and broil until golden brown. This entry was posted in Food Secrets, Happiness, Health, Healthy Eating Tips, Kid Snacks, Organic and tagged Amy’s Nacho Snacks, Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, eating habits, GoodPops, healthy eating, healthy habits, healthy teens, organic fruit, organic juice, organic juice bar, organic smoothies, pantry clean out, probiotics, Sami's Cinnamon Chips, smoothies, Teens on February 23, 2016 by diamondsonyourinside.
Appeal to their academic drive: Tell your teen that eating grilled wild salmon and broccoli before exams and they will think more clearly. At the end of the day, it is about a lifestyle change, not a week or so of regimented consumption.
So you and your teenager can experience daily GEM goodness after school, we’ve extended our hours to stay open until 6 p.m. This entry was posted in Food Secrets, Happiness, Health, Healthy Eating Tips, Kid Snacks, Organic, Supplements and tagged eating habits, fish oil, healthy eating, healthy habits, healthy teens, multi-vitamins, New Chapter, Nordic Naturals, pantry clean out, probiotics, Supplements, Teens on February 16, 2016 by diamondsonyourinside. Teens need exceptional nutrition because their bodies AND BRAINS are growing and maturing rapidly. Over the next four blog posts, we will discuss ways to raise healthier teenagers–from why they need our help, to how we can play a role, along with an entire post devoted to healthy snack ideas your kids will eat. Here’s the deal: Our teens ARE overfed and undernourished. (Take a look at the documentary!) Think about that profound statement!
There are lots of reasons this is a problem. Teens eat more meals away from home, and parental supervision is limited. The fact is that healthy nutrition — and especially the lack of it –affects so much of our teenagers lives: their academic success, athletic ability, overall attitude—and even their appearance. If we can educate them and help them adopt a few good habits, we keep them healthy and happy–not just now but straight into adulthood. Bottom line: You and your teen can find better commitment to healthier foods just by knowing what some of these things do to you. This entry was posted in Food Secrets, Happiness, Health, Healthy Eating Tips, Kid Snacks and tagged acne, ADHD, Children, feed your family well, feed yourself well, healthy children, Robyn O'Brien, Teens, The Unhealthy Truth on February 2, 2016 by diamondsonyourinside. Eat a whole food, plant-based diet with lots of in-season vegetables like winter greens, yams, carrots, and squash. If you struggle to consume the recommended 8 servings of veggies each day, try juicing them! Immune boosting SUPERFOODS such as our ADAPTOGEN drops with medicinal mushroom tincture is the final gloss on ensuring your health for the season.
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But WHY is juicing and a plant based diet such an effective means of changing one’s health—whether the goal is vitality, weight loss or even disease reversal?
Diets high in fiber are associated with lower risks of heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes and obesity. This group of nutrients give the gorgeous colors to our veggies and bring about many health benefits. Many chemicals (these are good chemicals) found in plants help resist the damage that occurs to the human body from oxygen and the process of metabolism.
These essential fatty acids are used for the internal workings and repair of cells throughout the body.
It is recommended that we consume five or more servings of vegetables and fruits daily, though many authorities set the bar much higher, being optimal at 10 servings a day. We believe that 80% of what you consume should be plant-based!
In order to consistently ingest this large amount of plant-based material, you need to do some planning.

Some ideas to get your greens: prepare large vibrantly colored salads (our KALE salad rocks), add greens in protein-rich soups such as our lentil soup, and blend smoothies with berries, hemp seeds and greens for a power breakfast or a snack. Juicing is just one more tool you can use to build a plant-based nutrition program rich in phytochemicals, and it can make it easier to reach your goal of 10 servings a day of vegetables. By juicing daily, you provide your body with a high dose of naturally-derived nutrients that boosts your health, support your body’s natural cleansing processes and helps keep you protected against toxins and disease.
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For better or worse, the “high” you can get with hemp is only from your body singing from all the goodness. It keeps your weight in check because Hemp protein and fiber aid in satiety, which will prevent you from snacking and keep you fuller longer. Hemp can regulate hormone fluctuations and promotes the alleviation of menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms. An interesting note: our government outlawed hemp farming in 1958, a shame when you consider how amazing a crop it is. This entry was posted in Food Secrets, Health, Healthy Eating Tips and tagged bone health, brain function, clear skin, disease prevention, hair growth, Happy Hemp, Health, healthy eating, Hemp, wellness on October 28, 2013 by diamondsonyourinside.
My good friend, Alan Tyson, physical therapist and owner of Architech Sports, posted the following healthy tips for athletes.  I believe they make sense for all of us! Tip #3 Have a source of PROTEIN at every meal or snack (meat, fish, eggs or egg whites, yogurt, etc.). Tip #6 Eat a combination of healthy CARBS, healthy PROTEIN, and healthy FATS at every meal. Following a more health-conscious routine may seem more difficult, but it's actually easier than you may have thought. This way there is a lower caloric intake, while both moms and kids can still enjoy the juice taste.
Pay attention to the labels on your food — just because it says organic on the front doesn't mean it's necessarily your best option. It can be a great way to spend a moment with your child and treat your family like the royalty you are. This is basically a smoothie with lots of other good stuff in it that you eat with a spoon not a straw. They also have crescent rolls—make them with Applegate Farms chicken maple sausage links for a clean “pig in a blanket.” Winner!
If you tell your son that he will play much better basketball if he doesn’t choose to drink the milkshake and chicken fingers before a game, he will listen.
Our immune system primarily resides in our digestive tract.  The healthy bacteria that we need has been sabotaged with processed foods, antibiotics, and other chemical stresses we put on our bodies. Even replacing super bad junk with organic, non-GMO junk is a non-toxic step in the right direction. Girls want to be thin, and think limiting calories alone equates to weight loss. There is an increased affinity for fat (not the good kind).
It also brings stress, less exercise, and more time indoors which equals a greater risk of getting sick with colds and flu. So, during this season especially, make sure you’re consuming probiotic-packed foods, like sauerkraut or organic miso. Sure, Vitamin C will help keep your immune system strong, so include foods like oranges, blueberries, peppers and broccoli. Our LENTIL SOUP, made from scratch, packs rich vegetable nutrients into a warm cup of ridiculous yumminess. Turmeric and ginger are possibly 2 of the most anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting spices you can consume. If you do find yourself feeling a little under the weather, start immediately with our COLDS COCKTAIL, a tonic that helps push that cold on through.
Stress triggers the production of cortisol, a hormone that weakens the immune system, making you more susceptible to infection. It is a significant component to an overall plant-based, whole foods diet—which is the key to vibrant health. I discovered what juicing and alkalinity does to a compromised system when I went through a year-long battle with cancer and chemo. Chlorophyll, the green energy found in plants, is liquid sunshine that detoxifies and energizes.
It is a protein powerhouse that stimulates skin and hair growth, maintains bone health, regulates metabolism, and helps with brain function. By the time your brain actually catches up with your stomach, you'll already be in a food coma. Sugary meals give their brains nothing to function with, and the sugar spike and drop makes them sluggish and cranky.
Find a pomodoro sauce that is clean and healthy with nothing but tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, spices. Annie’s makes all kinds of convenience foods that can help make a transition into cleaner snacks.
And I don’t suggest coming in full swing with a super-sized bag of kale chips and quinoa burgers. This is my favorite, and the most impactful way to convince your child of anything. In order for healthy options to sink in, teens must believe the message has specific reference to them. Our teens need at least 20 to 30 percent more of their daily requirements of nearly all the vitamins.

Probiotics bring the good bacteria back so it can fight off illness, enhance digestion, remedies constipation and believe it or not, improves mood and thinking. Even the simplest of foods will have more chemicals in them than you can count, much less pronounce. If you are not a morning person, prepare the night before–put out plates, glasses and put ingredients together ready to go from the fridge. These growth spurts do require more food; but not just more food, they require the good food. Even Chick-fil-A contains food colorings AND an “anti-foaming agent” in their fries that is also used in plastics. Want to stay strong, boost your immune system, and increase your chances of staying shiny, bright and well this winter?
Maintaining a healthy gut flora is key to strengthening our immune system and helping to prevent illness. Our RUBY SLIPPER, a blend of carrot, beet, lemon, ginger and cucumber is a stress-busting combination that will fortify your immune system. People who are under more stress are twice as likely to develop colds when exposed to them than those who are chill. This experience was more than just inspiring and medically apparent for me, it completely changed my life! They enhance and nourish brain function and help our systems run smoothly.  Flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, algae are rich in this nutrient class. The Omega-3 fatty acids in hemp reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and may even ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Hemp helps keep your blood sugar level, which is an important way to defy age and prevent disease. Many of these pesticides cannot be washed off of the produce–as they penetrate the entire vegetable. You can also cook steel-cut oatmeal in your crock pot the night before so it will be ready in the am. Want to grow? Talk about foods that promote growth and foods that don’t: promote calcium-rich foods and let them know soft drinks contain calcium depleting phosphoric acid, which can interfere with bone growth. Without enough B vitamins, and B12 (found in proteins) teens will feel lethargic, low in energy. The irony, of course, is that the time they need it the most, is the time when they eat nutritious foods the least. Buy the IMMUNITY MIX (turmeric, ginger, lemon) in 8 ounce bottles and make your own super powered ImmuniTEA with raw honey.
The nights are longer in the winter for a reason: your body needs more sleep to stay well and strong. So make regular trips to the grocery store, with a list of things that will sustain your teens (and their friends) for the week. Let them know nutrition affects their growth, their emotions, their academic and sports performance, their appearance, or whatever seems to be the most important to the teen during that particular week.
Show your teens how to make healthier choices so they learn the connection between good food and good health. Zinc has been nicknamed the “new anti-depressant”– it boosts mood and appetite and helps kids think. Packaged snacks are made with hydrogenated oils, scary preservatives, creepy science experiments (GMOs), and things called rendered beef fat.
We love BIO KULT because it doesn’t need refrigeration, which makes it easier to carry. HOWEVER, none will be found in the nutritionally void world of white bread, chips, burgers and most other processed foods. Greens are great for improving circulation, lifting the spirit, purifying the blood and strengthening the immune system.
Our hemp comes mostly from our neighbors to the north in Canada, who are already attuned to a healthier food supply. Even the scientists who created them can’t predict what will happen to humans when they are consumed. Nut butters are also good sources of protein—just make sure they are all natural and not loaded with sugars. Look for organic, plant based vitamins from reputable companies like New Chapter and Nordic Naturals.
On the other hand, many foods simply provide nutritionally worthless calories and are devoid of the essential nutrients our cells crave. Food colorings (banned in Europe) are known to cause tumors, ADHD, allergies among lots of other infuriating problems. Sugary cereals and drinks have no place at breakfast—their brains have nothing to function with, and the sugar spike and drop makes them sluggish and cranky.
Added bonus: Breakfast can be a great way to spend a moment with your kids—that you otherwise might not have!! Sports drinks have tons of sugar, not to mention harmful food dyes that are banned in most 1st World Countries.

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