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She’s a nutrition consultant to individuals, to food industries, pharmaceutical companies, and organizations.
During the initial consult Madhu will gather a complete history of your health and eating habits, assess your special nutritional needs, and discuss appropriate solutions. I grew up tasting Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German, French and American style dishes, home-cooked, lovingly by my mother. The point is, I never tasted Indian food as a child, so the spices used regularly in these dishes, tasted, fittingly, foreign to my tastebuds.
The beauty of making Kheer at home is that you can also eat it for breakfast the next morning, a meal time that I always feel speaks of comfort to begin with. Once done cooking remove from the burner and leave the lid on as you begin to assemble the other ingredients — this will ensure the grains continue to soften, as they absorb any leftover liquid.
Once incorporated, pour the egg mixture into the rest of the hot grains, whisking to mix it quickly and keep the egg from scrambling. Cook, stirring constantly, for one to two minutes or until to desired thick and creamy consistency.

Breath in that luscious scent and lick the back of your stirring spoon — you deserve this taste. Each blogger will pick a single winner per week to receive a pack of the featured products from Bob’s Red Mill and California Olive Ranch.
Madhu will help you decipher nutrition science and information to help you find practical solutions to live a healthy and productive life.
I didn’t try Indian food again until I was 31 and backpacking throughout Western Europe.
To me, the milky richness and sweet, dusky flavor of this dish makes it great for ending a spicy meal, as it both calms and revives the mouth and tongue after doing battle with the heated flavors of well-seasoned Indian food. The grains will still retain some of their chewiness but should be cooked through and quite a bit softer now.
I love talking about the travel because I miss it so much ~ gonna get back there one day ~ but sometimes I wonder if I’m boring the hell out of people. So at 24, when a dear friend of mine, who was also a vegetarian began telling me how great Indian food was, I was interested — but reluctant.

Sick of bangers and mash, roast and veg, jacket potatoes and the Ploughman’s served up at every pub throughout England and Scotland, I decided to give Indian food another go. She has counseled 1000’s of clients and presented numerous programs at clinics, schools, and professional organizations. The smells were strong, oniony and sweaty, I was unsure of the tofu curry dish he had whipped up but I gave it try.
No better place (except India, of course) to dive into the sensual flavors of Indian food, than the UK.

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