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Return the zucchini and garlic to the pan sauteing  2-3 more minutes to heat the tomatoes through, then serve on a platter.  Serve along side any main dish…fresh deliciousness awaits! As we stood in line, in the rain, I began to appreciate what it must feel like to be an immigrant. Upon arriving in Dun Laoghrie, south of Dublin, we passed through customs, without as much as showing our passports.
It was a long train and boat ride and though interesting once, I think I'd fly the next time. At breakfast, we made the acquaintance of a delightful Argentine couple, Sergio and Marcella Duffy. Drove out of Dublin and continued south along the N-11, to the seacoast villages of Bray and Wicklow.

We dined at "La Taverna,a€? reputedly the only Italian restaurant in all of Western Ireland. Nearby, in Spiddal, sits 'Mairtin Standuns', famous for its fishing sweaters and Donegal tweeds. We met with Sean Murphy, the County Manager and later, Eddie Wade, the chairman of the council.
They (Eddie and Sean) invited us to lunch at the Dunraven Arms Hotel, in the nearby village of Adare. We had a pint later, at the White House and left late in the afternoon, just as the heavy rain started. We had excellent crab mornay and many potatoes, rounded off with a few pints of Smithwicks.

Plenty of food, refreshments and a movie, "The Big Easy,a€? made the trip go by quickly.
I think in the future, I'd fly into Shannon and just center on Kilarney, Galway and the coast.
We stopped in the Great Southern Hotel, various shops and had a pint in "Trigger Martyn's,a€? A carnival like atmosphere prevailed despite the rain. For an additional 5L each, which Mary later recovered, we secured entrance to the relative comfort and peace of the Pullman Lounge.

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