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Lots of people believe that a tough piece of meat will be made tender by a good marinade, so they buy cheaper grades than they should. Acidic marinades rely on wine, vinegar, and citrus juices to denature the proteins in a steak. Because of this, a marinade that is mildly acidic is usually a better choice than one that is extremely sour. Enzyme marinades actually have the ability to break down animal tissue, including muscle fiber and connective tissue. The last category of easy steak marinades is based on mildly acidic dairy products, like yogurt or buttermilk. Steaks cooked in this kind of marinade will be interesting, but examine the recipe you are using, since this is not a common choice for beef.
Your marinade does not have to be all that complex, so long as you know what you can expect from the ingredients you use.
If you like pepper steak, you may want to try an easy delicious pepper steak marinade on your next steak.
What constitutes a good steak dinner is different for different people, but everyone still wants to know how to make a perfect steak. Once you know you have purchased good beef, it is time to pay attention to the heat source. When the steak goes on the grill or in the pan, the surface needs to be hot enough for the meat to sizzle. Then, it is time to rest the steak to allow the juices to redistribute themselves through the steak. When you know how to marinade the perfect steak, everyone will be clamoring to be invited to your home for dinner. Rib Eye – A good cut for beginners and popular all round choice in restaurants, this fatty steak is flavorful and juicy, and works well in most cooking situations, whether broiled, grilled, or pan-fried.
Tenderloin – A steak from the parts of the animal that are less likely to be used, this is one of the most expensive cuts around. T-Bone – We have all heard of the t-bone, a combination tenderloin and New York Strip.
Flank Steak – This long thin cup of meat is traditionally used for making London Broil.

Skirt Steak – A lot like a flank steak, this is a piece of meat that can be cooked a number of different ways.
Top Sirloin – A popular budget steak, top sirloin is more tender than flank steak but tougher than tenderloin. Food safety is an important issue that must be addressed whenever you are handling raw meats. A good marinade should be there mostly for flavor, and will tenderize best if relatively week. Many fruits contain enzymes that can break down protein, but papaya and pineapple are probably the most common.
Try curry-type flavors in a dairy marinade for steak if you are interested in trying this out.
You will get a great meal every time if you only take the time to check out all the kinds of marinades available. That is a little different for everyone, of course, but there are a few tips that can really be a help for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their beef. Remember that good beef that is humanely raised is preferable for those who want tenderness and flavor in their meat, and can make even a cheaper cut a lot better than ones from a larger, commercial farm can.
Charcoal grilling remains a great and popular choice, but grill pans on a stove stop, broilers, and other options are still great choices.
The steak should never be turned more than once, since it is important for the meat to cook most of the way on just one side. One good rule used by many people is to cook it for two minutes less than you cooked the first side. By applying the perfect marinade, your steak can be raised to a level of culinary delight that is seldom seen outside of a fine restaurant. It is not an uncommon tendency, particularly among those of us who eat our steak mostly in restaurants.
Porterhouse steaks are a kind of large, tender t-bone steak that is cut further up the loin.
Good meat has to start out as good meat, and while many marinades taste great, they do not tenderize all that much.
Once they encounter another unwound protein, they will bind together – the same process that happens with long, slow cooking.

Stronger marinades are good for tightly grained meats, but those meats are not usually put on the grill. Just follow the recipe and all that is left to do is sit down and enjoy your delicious pepper steak. To see if your steak is cooked properly, test it using an instant read meat thermometer, instead of a knife or fork, which will pierce the steak and let juices out. However, if you would like to start making your own steak dinners at home, you can learn how to do it.
The fat can be trimmed, but do it only after cooking – the fat is what adds the flavor to this great steak. This steak is more flavorful but tougher than the above steaks, and should be marinated, grilled or broiled whole, and sliced across the grain on the diagonal.
Use this kind of steak in traditional fajitas and have a great Mexican or Tex-Mex themed cookout. Enzymatic marinades that are left on too long or used in large amounts could turn a good steak into mush, and dairy marinades do not work well with all kinds of cuisine. Just remember that producers of this kind cannot produce a quality that is quite as consistent as the larger producers can.
Turn a rare steak three to four minutes into the process, before you see red juices forming on the upper surface. This is not a steak for those who prefer their meat well done, and it does not sear or pan fry well.
However, too much acid will tighten those protein bonds, squeezing out liquid and toughening the meat. Just salt and pepper will do it, though there are lots of marinade options out there for those who would like to get a little fancier with their beef. A medium rare steak should be turned when you first see those juices, and medium well steaks ought to be turned when the juices begin to run together.

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