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The mixture of these three factors created the Mediterranean Diet (although at that time, hundreds of years ago, nobody called it that). Maria Pilar Garcia Madrid, expert dietician and nutritionist, explains below what the Mediterranean Diet is, how to use it, and some of its benefits.
Therefore, the “Mediterranean Diet” is the lifestyle that the Mediterranean people has had throughout their history. 6- Red meat should be eaten in moderation and, if it possible, to be part of stews, soups and other recipes. Don’t forget that the Mediterranean Diet is not only a nutritional regime, but a life philosophy. It is a dietary pattern that combines the ingredients of the local agriculture, the recipes and cooking methods of every area, and incorporates daily sport activity.
Given the importance of this diet to human health, UNESCO proclaimed it Intangible heritage of Humanity in November 2010.
I’ve known the Mediterranean Diet since I was small, although I just did not know that definition.
In fact, it’s possible that very few people in my childhood (I was born in 1978) knew that in Spain, as the country had just exited from a dictatorship and was opening to the world for information.

The Mediterranean Diet concept emerged after an extensive research made on Mediterranean-eating patterns by American physiologist Ancel Keys, who concluded that such patterns were remarkably connected with good health. Because of the large amount of valuable and well documented information I have found in Oldways, I’ve made for you the following index with the most relevant information around the Mediterranean Diet. I am 100% certain that good food habits are associated with many physical and mental problems that we human beings suffer in our lives. I’m not a doctor, but like you, I have temptations with processed food (which many times is a form of “pseudo-food”) that we should not eat due to its unhealthy nature. Another excellent article I love the healthy Mediterranean diet, the salads and vegetables, although I cannot understand why in Spanish restaurants you have salad on the table but no vegetables with the main course.
I also heard Spanish children are not liking the Spanish diet, preferring the burgers etc, is it us British causing the problem. Featured Posts The first two weeks The Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Plan Who invented the Mediterranean Diet? Vegetables and fruit are the main source of vitamins, minerals and fibre, and at the same time provide us with a lot of water. The daily consumption of pasta, rice and cereals is essential because of their carbohydrate content.

It is important to use fresh products, because especially in the case of fruit and vegetables, we eat them at their peak conditionto get all their nutrients, aromas and flavours.
It is very important to stay physically active and do activities every day adapted to our individual ability to keep healthy. That’s why I believe this article is worthy, as that the Mediterranean Diet is a fundamental part of our culture. Wine is a traditional food in the Mediterranean Diet as well, and can have health benefits if it’s consumed with moderation and always during meal times.
Fresh fruit should be the usual dessert and it is a good alternative at mid-morning for a snack.

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