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Start by placing the cut pieces of oxtail in a large bowl (remember to remove as much fat as you can – keep it a bit healthy) and squeeze the lime or lemon juice on it. When the sugar gets like the pic directly above, start adding the seasoned pieces of oxtail. Stir so the entire lot changes colour evenly and get to the perfect point to add the seasoned meat.
Pour some water (not the water mentioned in the recipe) in the bowl and wash each piece of oxtail.

The key is allowing the sugar get to a caramel colour, so each piece of oxtail will get browned evenly.
If your butcher used a band-saw to cut the pieces for you, there’s the chance that there may be some gritty stuff from the cut bones left on the meat.
Remember to turn off the heat and remove from the burner when you have a thick gravy or risk not having any of that nice rich sauce.
Add the 4 cups of water to the bowl that had the seasoned meat to pick up any remaining seasoning that was left behind.

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